Foxes are omnivores thus they consume a wide range of small creatures and vegetation. The majority of foxes dwell in rural regions, which include forest, agriculture, and wetland environments. Foxes eat a wide variety of foods. They are skilled hunters, hunting and devouring rabbits, rats, birds, amphibians, and worms and also dead animals. Let us closely understand what do fox eat?

Fox diet
The diet of foxes depends on the location and availability of alternative resources due to seasonal variations. Let's take a look at each season individually:
•    Spring diet of foxes: In the spring, they will feed their tummies with rodents such as mice and roundworms. They will even swim into intertidal zone in search of fish and snails.
•    Summer diet of foxes: They need to bulk up during the summertime when wild food is abundant in preparation for the upcoming battle fall and early winter. As a result, they will consume a significant number of insects during this period of the year. Beatles, grubs, bugs, general all-around insects, and even small or big worms were among those targeted, as were small amphibians such as frogs and toads.
•    Fall diet for foxes: During the autumn, foxes enjoy the maturing fruit and availability of accessible berries such as blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, plums, and other fruits such as Asian orJapanese persimmon, as well as acorns and tubers veggies such as maize, potatoes, and sweet potato.
•    Winter diet of foxes: During the winter, the diet diverts attention from ground feeding and foraging options owing to ice or snow, and consumes small animals such as mice, bunnies, and even rodents predominate.

Red Foxes' Diet:
The red fox is the most closely associated with all fox subspecies. Mostly because they are the most extensively spread fox species on the planet. They are primarily carnivorous, although because of their diverse diet, they are often categorized as omnivores. However, the red fox mostly feasts on tiny rodents such as mouse, bunnies, and shrews. However, they have been observed feeding on birds, beetles, crickets, roundworms, most Daisies, apricots, pears, and blackberry, as well as snails and crabs in deep waters. They will also consume amphibian, small lizards, and most sorts of fish. They have also been observed preying on juvenile lambs and even deer particularly appealing, which are more plentiful in the spring.

What to feed foxes in the garden?
There is considerable debate over serving the foxes in the yard, but if done correctly, they can offer a lot of delight to the family. Avoid using the following method:
•    Attempting to adopt, handle, or hand-feed foxes, particularly in cities. They should be treated as wild creatures and discouraged from being overly assertive. Many people are terrified of urbanized foxes since they misinterpret their curious behavior for hostility.
•    Excessive food distribution may cause foxes to grow confident and competent.
•    Leaving food out for them to take and stash. Feeding them something they can eat right now deters them from dredging up their neighbors’ gardens!
•    Throwing food scraps out for foxes to attract unwelcome guests such as rodents.
Since animal protein accounts for the majority of a fox's diet, the ideal items to offer the local foxes are grilled or raw chicken or canned dog food. They also enjoy peanuts, bananas, and cheese. Foxes may be fed all year, but they must adhere to a strict feeding schedule.

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What do fox eat