What do i want from yoors?

New updates are coming to yoors. The update of pools,boosters have been a great addition and i want to thank yoors team for making this site so great. Designs and many aspects of site are near perfect and i have included below some of the updates i wanna see in near future. I have told yoors team privately but i made a post about this so hope some of users will feel the same and let the developer team know.

1. The site must be a great for dutch speakers but as a non-dutch speaker, i have to click on post, translate it before i find out what the post heading is. This makes too many complications to read contents as i dont know what the post is about. I want yoors team to display headings in english too. Its okay to translate the contents if i know the headings because i wont mind translation if i like headings.

2. Most of users comment dutch in my post and i dont how to reply. Since its popular among dutch,majority users know the language and take me as a dutch speaker too. This misconception can be eliminated by displaying a (e)symbol at the head of my name 'justread'. This will maybe let them know in advance or if the comments can be translated in english,it will be very best update. Maybe i will change my name into justread(en) from now on to tell all users to reply me in English. Hope that will solve some issues with comment replies.

3. Pools are being lazy nowadays and hope boosters will eliminate that problem. Most of pools are empty with no participants.

4. It may be already on team minds,but i want to make my own private pools with modified entry fees, modified winning prize etc. Hope this feature will be seen in future.

I know yoors team are working hard on making this site beautiful as it is. This updates are just a reminder for yoors team to look forward too. I wanna appreciate all the efforts behind this site. I wonder sometimes

"Is there a balance between earnings and spending of this site?" I fear the imbalance. I want it to be balanced so it runs forever and i too will benefit from it on long way. My best wishes for the site. I am trying to invite some friends over to the site but as of today,no luck on doing that.