What do you mean hotel sport!!

#yoorsdecember #dag 8 Sports

This was the name of our hotel in Prague. And I have to say this was the only thing a photograph was worth. Why the hotel had this name no idea because there was nothing to find in or to the hotel had anything to do with sports. I posted a picture of our view next door. We were six of us (Crowns outing with the brother and sister of Fred) his brother had arranged it by bus to Prague.

The driver had lost the road turned out later and we had that suspicion already. After lunch we only had a stop for the smokers. And it was but later and later we got hungry but the driver did not stop. And finally at 00.00 hours we arrived in the pitch dark. In a huge dining room the light was turned on and we got a quick, faint bite thrown in front of us.

Later it turned out that it was like that every day than with more people. They walked along with such a big cart with all the plates and they were almost thrown on the table. The hotel was really 3x nothing but Prague was beautiful in one word we had fun and enjoyed!!

And the picture below I could not leave to post because I am completely in love with it. Years ago picked up from the internet more I do not remember so this is not my own picture!!