It is a great experience to notice cats crazy for catnip, which is a herb. Who knew that sleeping or eating this plant would make cats roll over in an amusing way?

What is Catnip?

Catnip is a plant, adopted from a member of the mint family. The lower part of the leaves of the plant have glands filled with a chemical named nepetalactone. Nepetalactone oil is released when a cat chews or rubs the leaves.
The catnip plant can be found in gardens or can grow naturally in those areas where there is enough amount of sunlight and moisture. You can also choose many forms of the plant and buy cat toys that cover dried catnip leaves or bags of catnip.

How catnip works?

Catnip works on the brain of a cat when it's inhaled or eaten. Some symptoms are there, when a cat ingests catnip, they may rub, roll over, chew, bite or lick it, allowing the herb to take effect and it moves into the brain through the nose.

Can a kitten have catnip?

Analysis shows that kitten and young cats may not react to catnip until they are mature. An immature vomeronasal organ may be responsible for the odour analyzer in cats. Some kittens feel annoyed about catnip until reaching adulthood but kittens are quite energetic and dig up ways to smartly entertain themselves. There is no requirement to familiarize catnip at that early stage of life.

Is Extradose on Catnip good?

Cats cannot take an extra dose on Catnip, but they can feel weakness from too much of it. While we give our cats something that may control their bodies and minds. An important thing is that we don't need to be sure because it is secure and flourishing for them, however it seems that cats take pleasure in catnip.In some cats there can be general issues such as a wave of excitement that a cat may become offensive to an owner or another cat in the family circle. People who have cats suffer from serious issues similar to vomiting and diarrhoea.

Catnip for cat enrichment?

There are bunches of cat toys on the marketplace that use catnip as a way to tempt a cat to play. Catnip can stimulate periods of rambunctious activity for lazy cats,  but catnip alone doesn't fulfill cats daily needs. Cats expect deserving quality forms of mental and physical enrichment everyday and the toys reveal their choice for play.


There are so many cat lovers that they must have heard or seen about catnip. Cats with big eyes, curled tails, and catnip-instigated toys have been shown to have amusing behavior in cartoons, movies, and individual television. There are a lot of cute catnip toys on the market, especially rat-shaped catnip toys for cats. Another fact is that catnip isn't just for cats, It has also been used in medical gardens for centuries for its flavor-enhancing effects on humans. Concentrated nepetalactone is also used to make a powerful mosquito repellent.

What does catnip do to a cat?