Mobilization with movement (MWM) is the simultaneous practice of maintained accessory mobilization applied by therapists and inactive psychological movement to end range followed by the patient. The end of limit high pressure, for stretching, is then provided without pain.

Brian R Mulligan

Brian R Mulligan educated as a physiotherapist in 1954 and in 1974, he certified in manipulative therapy. He has been the writer of several articles. His articles were revealed in the New Zealand journal of Physiotherapy.
The two books are written by him about therapy -
● In 2003, Magnet therapy and NAGS, SNAGS, MWM etc for physiotherapists.
● Auto remedy for the back, neck and limbs.
NAGS - Natural Apophyseal Glides.
SNAGS - Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides
MWMS - Mobilization with movement

How do MWM assist?

MWM glides acted on the joint. It is the individual execution of the symptomatic movement. The glide should be the reason for the pain-free movement . The benefit of MWM include -
● diminish pain on movement of limbs
● enhanced function
● extend limit of movement of limbs

MWM Advantage  

● The advantage of MWM is for limb problems that result from spinal cord problems.
● minimise the limit of movement of the limbs
pain on movement of the limbs

MWM for the lumbar spine

Distribution - preferable inner force on spinous activity can help with distribution with hand on prior shoulder.
Twist - press with hook of the pisiform and aid twist with hand on thoracic back.

Fundamentals of remedy

● This accessory glides on itself should be painless. During the evaluation, the physician will identify one or more comparable sciences as suggested by Maitland. These can be decreased joint movement, pain from movement, or pain associated with movement.
● The therapist should continuously monitor the patient's response so that the pain does not reoccur. The physician examines various combinations of parallel or vertical glides to determine the grade of movement assisted by treatment.
● Failure of a comparable indication may indicate that the physician did not receive the correct treatable equipment, grade of mobility, spinal segment, or technical support.

Step by Step process of Mobilization with movement (MWM)

● Identify the furious moment first and then choose a suitable glide.
● To use a weight-lifting or non-weight-bearing movement should be based on the severity of the condition, irritability, and condition.
● Select Glide then maintain it psychologically throughout until the join returns to its initial position.
● The mobilization executed are in resistance without pain.
● Instant amenity of pain and reformation in ROM are required.
● If this is not achievable, modify the glide parameters.


MWM is a mobilization technique used as part of the Mulligan concept. MWM is applied for restricted limb movement and can be restricted due to spinal problems. The spine is mobilized when the person adheres to symptomatic movements. SNAG is a form of MWM.

What does MWM means?