Meaning of Non Binary

Most of the public as well as most transgender people are some one man or woman. A small amount of people don't orderly deserving into the categories of "male" or "female".

Some people's sex organs are different from those of the male or female.  Some people may not be able to differentiate any sex organ changes over a period of time.

People whose gender does not resemble the sex organs of a man or woman use many different terms to define themselves. Non-binary is one of the most common words. Other words include gender queer, genderqueer, bigender etc.

Why Non-Binary?

Our society recognizes only two genders, male and female. This is sometimes called a "gender binary", because binary means having two parts, that is, male and female. Therefore, "non-binary" is a term that people use to refer to genders that do not fall into one of these two categories.

Fundamental truth about Non-Binary

It is not uncommon for someone to be non-binary.  Non-binary people are clear about their identity.  Non-binary identity has been recognized by cultures and societies around the world.

Most transgender person are not come into non-binary category but some transgender are belong to non-binary category. Most transgender people have a gender specification that is either male or female.

Being non-binary is not the same as being intersex.  The anatomy or gene structure of intersex people do not match the structure of males and females. Most intersex people identify themselves as either male or female. By birth, non-binary people may fit specific definitions of male and female, but their gender is something other than male or female, which places them in the category of non-binary.

Give Respect and Support to Non- Binary people

Go with non-binary people and looking at them with a respectful view helps make you a true person. You can move forward with a positive attitude, even if you have just started getting to know them.

You don't have to understand what it means for someone to be non-binary, nobody needs to discuss it, just respect for the people is enough. Many people know nothing or have trouble learning about non-binary genders, but identities that some people don't understand still deserve respect.

Use the name of the person by which it is known

One of the most important aspects of respecting a non-binary person is calling their name. A person's name is his personal identity. However, in non-binary individuals it may happen that the personal name may not reflect his/her gender identity. So don't ask anyone what their old name was.


None other than non-binary, they are the same as other men and women. Just a small difference cannot stop someone from becoming a human being. No matter who they are, don't have any misconceptions about them. You cannot tell by looking at someone whether they are transgender or not. If you're not sure what their identity is, ask them. Many non-binary people may use a different name.

    What does Non Binary Mean?