What does POG stand for?  If your hobby is playing games or spending a lot of time staring at every site on the web then you may be well-known for the expression "pog". In the opinion of certain sources, this term is practised to describe emotion for specific times.

What does POG mean?

Since 2012 the word Pog for the Pogchamp emoticon has become a slang term in its own right. It is an adjective that means excellent, cool, remarkable or awesome.

In the place of tense, pog can as well be used as a stand-alone interjection which means cold. It also can be used as a verb for representing a astounding facial expression.

Before the advance of the Internet and the use of the slang word pog, a small, circular keyboard piece played among children and adults in the 1990s was spoken of as alang in the local language, but now the word "Pog" is often used in gaming as the meaning of the "game of the game".

Nowadays it is common in online games like overwatch and Legends and Twitch and YouTube streaming services.

The Origin of the POG Slang term

The "pog" slang term is an innovative theme from the PogChamp emoticon. It is also used as a thumbnail for motion pictures on the live streaming platform Twitch.

The PogChamp emoticon is an image of Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez. He is an American Youtuber and runs a Youtube Channel named "Cross Counter TV". In 2010, Gutierrez and his teammate performed in a blooper reel of the channel.

Another time, when the camera is out of place and suddenly Gutierrez makes a startled expression to look at his co-host. This facial expression of Gutierrez was featured and added as an emoticon in 2012.

This picture of Gutierrez is known as "Pogchamp".  Pogchamps is a reference to the 2011 video titled "Pogs Championship" in which Gutierrez wins a game of Pogs. The Pogchamp emoticon became an alternative term and led to the origin of the slang word "Pog" with the cool phenomenon of gaming live streams.

Different explanation of  POG

The word "pog" originated from a juice drink (one of passion fruit, orange and guava). Which was first used in Hawaii in 1971. Pog was used as a promotion by a beverage company in the early 1990s.  In those days Pog used to be a game based on bottle caps.

By the mid-1990s, "pogs'' were tremendously prevalent among schoolchildren in the United States.  Flat, round, pieces of cardboard were used for this game.  who were collectively called the "Pogs".

Pogs adventures as a sport ended, but the words "pog" and "pogues" remained. The game, popular in Hawaii in the 1920s or 1930s, was based on a stack of milk bottle caps. But it was not recognized as "pogs" until much later.


Pog has other meanings as well. One of these is used in a military setting. Pog in this case could mean belonging to someone other than Grunt. A grunt is a frontline soldier who performs combat-related tasks, so here pog refers to the position in which he is performing some auxiliary duties.

What does POG mean?