What does Santa Claus have in store for Isabella?

The history

Part 4 of this short follow-up story

This follow-up story began with an unexpected train journey by Isabella Donkerenbos.She experienced anxious moments at the annual Gnome Feast .

Just in time, the Drone fairy came to rescue her.The story took a positive turn when she scored in her very first football interland .

But soon she was in the drone to Spain drained.She was taken by a couple of Pieten and even disappeared into the bag.At the moment the stuffiness threatened to become too much, it echoed Hoho! through the air.


Switch in the sleigh


From the sleigh Isabella is called and in no time she sits next to the world-famous Santa Claus.She is very happy, but of course also a bit uncertain.

I'm sure I'm your big idol, this celebrity asks her.When she dabbled with her answer, he continues, “But I do know that it is not quite the case.And yet we also have something in common.We have the same drive in our lives.You know what I mean?

Isabella understands little, so Santa Claus asks his faithful four-legged friend Rudolph.

Rudolph about his master

You know, Isabella, Santa Claus likes to make people happy.He enjoys handing out presents.That's why I'm glad he's my master, because he's also taking good care of me.

But we've seen you give out a lot, too.Of course, people can enjoy your fun videos and your games with football.But you also literally give presents to the people.Like the other day, for example, with those orange bracelets.What did that have to do with again?


The bracelets of Isabella


Well, I love football, replies Isabella with the enthusiasm that many people know of her.And since Corona doesn't allow anyone to go to the stadium, I've handed out hundreds of orange bracelets.In this way, people can still encourage the orange lions.

That's exactly why I brought you into my sleigh, Santa Claus responds.You can help me deliver the presents this year.You're small, agile and sporty, so you can enjoy your life in my delivery service.Go bring the first package here.

Captured with the camera

Totally according to custom, Isabella calls when she's at the door.The residents look on their phone who's calling and don't know her.That's why they don't open.Since Santa says so, she'll just put the package outside the door and walk back to the sleigh.

That's not how it's supposed to be, girl, says Santa in a friendly voice.But it's also the first time, so I'll explain it to you.You walk to the door, work your way in, put the package in the room by the Christmas tree and return as soon as possible.We're already at the next address.Go ahead!


Gift delivered well


Here Isabella delivers the package expertly.She runs very happy back to the sleigh.

Rudolph already has his personal starter engine back on and at lightning speed they reach the following addresses.It goes super fast, notes Isabella, and is very cool to do.

And then they arrive at a house she knows very well.It's her own house.She can put the packages under their own Christmas tree there.

She's very curious about what's in it, but she knows she has to wait for mom and dad to say it.If she asks Santa Claus, she won't get an answer.She looks back and sees the sleigh in her corners of the eye disappear on the horizon.

She rubs her eyes out and sits up in bed.A little confused she looks around.This was the most strange (and a very long) dream she has ever had.

And in the meantime, she still doesn't know what's in front of her under the Christmas tree.It must be nothing special, she thinks desperate to herself...


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