Care (s)... worry and worry again.

Quite a special profession, standing ready for others and helping, where it is needed and where wishes lie.

The care, in general, is under pressure. There is only something to go wrong or people will complain about how people help others professionally in healthcare.

But I think it's still about helping, in whatever form. However, it has largely gone from “caring for” to a lot of paperwork, with policies ensuring that the times and guidelines/rules are pursued.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, because it's a good thing to pursue by certain rules what makes you better.

The balance is probably a little lost sight, but I think it is perhaps now the case that there is more reflection and attention to what can go “right and wrong (different)” than before, regarding attention and care for man.

The rules that have grown with them may serve for a piece of safety, comfort and knowledge. Similarly, the 'written report', which records what work has been done and with which it can be reflected on what did and what would not have been done well.

What I do know is that it is a physically, mentally and mentally heavy but also a beautiful and grateful profession, which may have (too) many rules attached to it. For those who practice this particular profession, I have a great deal of admiration.

Rules are of course very important, but let us not forget that people practice this profession from their heart, with good will, knowledge, passion, talent and service.

Wherever they work, in any environment, the care of man is and remains in my opinion “the feeling”...!

A “sensitive topic”, I knew that when I was going to write about it, but I thought it was important and therefore necessary, but also a challenge to share it with you...

What feeling/opinion do you have with this quote?

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Greetings, Mich Peters

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What feeling/opinion do you have with this quote?