The InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a company that owns several popular brands that show off its portfolio throughout the globe. This is a Britain-based Public Limited Company (PLC). At first, IHG initiated their business in China. Soon, IHG expended its business throughout Asia. IHG is a franchising business like 7-Eleven or McDonald’s. They did their portfolio under ‘hero brand intercontinental hotels and resorts. You will be surprised to know that IHG makes its trade via New York Stock Exchange. So whether you are looking forward to unforgettable summer vacations or much-awaited family reunions, IHG Hotels and Resorts are there.

What is IHG Hotels?

When you are thinking and discussing the IHG Hotels and Resorts, you need to know that some hotels and resorts brands work and operate under the IHG group. Any information you need about the IHG group is that the hotels work under IHG, which means the IHG group does not own those resorts and hotels. These hotels and resorts are independent, and they operate their business on their own. The main relationship with the IHG group is that the hotels pay a ‘franchise fee’ to the group to use their branding. The resorts also use the company procedures of the IHG group. These hotels are called IHG hotels. It took a lot of hard work for IHG to build its portfolio, reposition itself in the industry, and get the opportunity to work with new brands and partnerships. The place where IHG hotels belong today has been the result of well-thought investment and re-defining loyalty to its consumers,
It feels great that IHG hotels launched their excellent loyalty program for the backpackers who wrap their belongings and go out. With the desire for a perfect vacation, which they have in their minds, IHG takes up the responsibility to fulfil their dreams. IHG hotels and Resorts aim to provide several amazing benefits and new credit cards. Moreover, now they can offer you strong support with their latest mobile application using the latest technology.

IHG One Rewards Program by IHG hotels and Resorts

After launching IHG One Rewards in January 2022, it is now more convenient for members to earn bonus points faster and use them in different ways. With this entire program, IHG will be offering industry-leading value and more benefits for our members.

The highlights of this program have been like this:

Earn faster: This program will add a new tier as well as an earning structure through bonus points. So now the members can earn the points easily and gain rewards faster. The structure of bonus point earning started from April 13, ‘22.
Member Benefits: With this program, there are several newly added member benefits which include,
- For the Diamond Elite members, they will offer Free Breakfast as a complimentary Amenity choice
- For both Platinum and Diamond Elite members, there will be access to Night Discount Promotions
- The Elite members, there will be an early check-in facility. Late check-out and room upgrades are also there, depending on the availability. Room upgrade to a suite or any other premium room will be available for Diamond and Platinum elite members.
You always have an exceptional choice: Naturally, there will be members who want to spend their bonus points in different ways. So, IHG hotels and Resorts have introduced a new platform to let the members decide which rewards they want to choose. This provides an amazing opportunity to stay for twenty nights in the hotel and get a choice of rewards every ten nights up to a hundred nights of stay. Suite Upgrades, Bonus points, Annual Lounge Membership and more are included in Milestone Rewards choices.

IHG associations throughout the globe

Approximately six thousand hotels throughout 100 countries are now a part of IHG or InterContinental Hotel Group. Currently, sixteen various hotel brands are associated with IHG. You may find them familiar once you go through the names on the IHG hotels list.
IHG holds sixteen different hotel brands divided into four different collections reflecting the targeted audience and the hotel industry.
- Six Senses caters mainly to the Luxury and Lifestyle resorts. A total of twenty luxury resorts are there across the world with the best possible facilities.
- Regent Hotels and Resorts have a chain of eight luxury hotels. The locations of their luxury hotels include Phu Quoc, Beijing, Singapore, Berlin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Porto Montenegro, and Taipei.
- InterContinental Hotels & Resorts runs a luxurious brand across 213 locations.
- Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants have approximately sixty-eight boutique urban hotels. Their spacious accommodations and beautiful restaurants are ready to provide a warm welcome to their guests.
- Hotel Indigo comes with 116 boutique hotels having spa-inspired luxury bathrooms along with breathtaking guest rooms
- Hualuxe Hotels & Resorts have its twelve hotels operating in China.
- Crowne Plaza Group owns 431 Crowne Plaza premium hotels across the world.
- Even Hotels have their twenty hotels focusing on wellness.
- Voco owns around 28 premium lifestyle hotels with fascinating benefits.
- Holiday Inn, being a part of IHG, serves in 1200 locations across the world for both leisure and luxury travelers.
- Holiday Inn Express is also an integral part of IHG hotels. Aiming at business travelers, around 3000 mid-priced hotels are scattered across the world.
- Avid Hotels is counted among the essential midscale brands, with branches in thirty locations.
- Atwell Suites, being a very new brand, currently comes with only one hotel in Miami, having ninety hotel rooms.
- Staybridge Suites has 220 extended suites where you can enjoy certain facilities, including free laundry service and fitness amenities.
- Holiday Inn Club Vacations has 28 resorts for family vacations throughout the US.
-Candlewood Suites in North America caters to more than 400 pet-friendly hotels across the country.

With countless amenities, IHG hotels can make your vacations, meetings or any gatherings better in a broader aspect. So, next time you want to plan a remarkable vacation with your loved ones anywhere in the world, IHG hotels can be your best bet.

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