Yes, HATE.
These issues are completely turning me off to this platform lately and they are seemingly unnecessary. One day it’s one way and another week, it’s another way.

I cannot add a payment method anymore. I have had a couple payouts in the past., each time already difficult simply because I’m not in Europe now .

Why after months of participating AND being paid already, is a monetization form needed to be filled out after which, no payout option is available????

So for THIS user, you have made a bad situation, worse.
I cannot be the only person on this social network that would benefit from PayPal. Instagram has billions of users and they manage it – – I now have proof of that.

Why is there no direct link (as there always was since I have joined) to the boosters? Lucky for me, I saved an old URL to the booster page, just because.
I never thought I would NEED it in order to be able to see/use the boosters

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This post is directed solely to administration. and certainly shouldn’t offend any YOORS users whatsoever. Point is for me people, if there’s no chance of earning here, it’s a waste of my time. Sad but true. I’m not here for my ego. I can get that from Facebook.