What if...

And now what...
If the virus wasn't a virus,
I mean, all over the world, the citizens were out of step!
Dissatisfied with the course of business,
Everyone's country had a cabinet that was cracking!
If the virus wasn't Covid19,
but the annual flu that struck again with all its venom!
And if we were to count globally now,
would tell billions of citizens an excuse?
What if the already 'normal' corona were round,
what all over the world weaken death by all its dangers.
Suddenly corona was called covid.
Population frightened, doomed to death!
The annual flu wave was changed to deadly name.
governments in the world were so cleared of all blame.
The mistakes towards their citizens, forgotten by fear,
Because a government is possessed by power!
Wait, suppose there's a grain of truth in it,
because counting is being smuggled, in every sense!
Kill, died of something else, but no one knows
After all, the dead do not talk, so that you do not forget!
What if leaders all play in a hat...
Bankruptcy companies, what do you care?
The summit of corrupt heads of government have got money anyway
They don't care about the people, no matter what they do!
What if another 'truth' turns out to be a false,
And innocent civilians we leave behind in financial pain
The leaders don't care, money is power,
And they all have, they think it's a splendor!
Well... maybe for your own gain, everything needs to be broken
Hospitals, at the time 'forgotten'.. now it's busy there
Good maker out of your own pocket, the world is spinning
Vibration deal in terms of antenna should also continue hear
If Corona were just the 'old' corona
the citizens had nothing to fear either.
Cover for an untested trilliard deal.
With the big money, everyone's leader lies his soul!
Protests from the job, no more troublesome civilians,
no questions, so no accountability this time
Meanwhile, other deals are being made around
and the citizen later fell deep into their clipping again!
What if...
Suppose now that...
so many questions..
so much suffering
without knowing,
how everything really is called!
Facts, in fact in a row as to each country one sees,
death rates,, for a pandemic they are not right!
Well, for a 'normal' also deadly flu,
with the same lethal symptoms on the sly!
That's what the figures correspond to, on the entire globe.
But corrupt leaders bring everyone's head on the loose!
Fleeing from all their mistakes, stupids,
one blames the covid, world wide, away reproach!
Just a thought out of nothing,
But maybe my thought will lead to something!
- Jacob. - Yeah. (april 2020)

# Covid #RIVM