What is a content creator?

We are it here on Yoors actually all a little bit, 'content creators' .

What is content creating?

Content creating is generally about customer loyalty or at least to the relationship with the visitor tighten.

Writing a text as quickly as you wait for your train connection does not fall under the original term 'content creating'.

Nowadays it has become a very broad concept.
This term occurs mainly in the digital media , but might as well be used with any other kind of media.
Namely, it is about the creation of relevant, valuable or entertaining information , for an audience, expressed through a private medium with the possible goal to find customers for their own organization.

That medium can also be understood very broadly.
This can be done through: speech, writing, marketing, publication... of content.


The most known forms of online content creating are: blogging, writing articles, publishing photos and videos, designing polls, making podcasts, building and maintaining websites, sending newsletters, but also maintaining a social media account.

What are content creators?

We're all, as we share and publish information here on Yoors, but content creators are primarily thinking of: news sites, academic institutions, companies, authors and government.

We're just “little shrimp” in the big fish pond of content creating. Let me put it this way.

Abuse of content creating.

Very often the easy access to the social media to initiate actions by disseminating (not always correct and sometimes insurgent) information, such as recent protests (say the riots) in the Netherlands, against curfew.
But also IS got a lot of actions through this way.

Of course, it does not always have to be put in a negative light.
Just think of the 'Me Too-movement' and 'Black Lives Matter', which in a short time got following around the world.

What brings content creation to?

If you set the goal to get more visitors or more potential customers, the publish regularly a must.

Want to sell something, create a well-running website, you want to promote yourself or your talents?

Then you have to observed becoming. This can only be done if you persist and do not expect immediate results. Give it time to grow , to build a number of followers, to have them spread over the Internet via social media and the like.

How to bring good content?

  • Avoid lots of content that is only temporarily relevant. Timeless content has more potential because it can be shared longer.
  • Read enough about your subject. Go find out what others have already written about it. Grow your article by occasionally coming back to it, supplementing.
  • Keep a spark file bee.
  • Occasionally, watch your stats agreeing. Which blogs got the most attention?
  • Know that you are in the first sentences your visitors need to get attention. The Internet is a fleeting event. Your blogs aren't read like a book.