What Is A Debt House?

#SCHULTEHUIS 😍 The former Schultehuis in Meppel remains #rijksmonument , even after the renovation. The face of the building is restored again, and that is something that the historical foundation Oud Meppel is very pleased with.

A debt is: a #rechterlijk #functionaris at the local level until 1811, he was appointed by the #landsheer or his governor. After 1600, the drosts gave a nomination to the governor and thus determined the appointment of debt itself.

The former Schultehuis was destroyed by fire on 4 May 2012. There was little left of the oldest building in Meppel. What is left is now used again in the reconstruction of the Schultehuis. The foundation is reinforced with so-called rocket piles.
Before the building burned down, it had a state monument status. The inside of the former Schultehuis is being built completely new. Normally, a building loses its status as a national monument. An exception has been made for the Schultehuis. This is due, among other things, to the great commitment of the community.
The reconstruction of the Schultehuis lasted almost a year and it is at the #Kruisstraat into #Meppel !