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What Is A Pillar Page? Increase Your Website Traffic by 200%

What is a Pillar Page?

Pillar posts are meant to provide all the information in one place. It is similar to creating ultimate guides that covers a particular topic in depth.

Pillar pages are long form content that varies from 2000 to 8000 words. Content pillar strategy is a part of content marketing which is used by top SEO agencies around the globe.

The list includes Ignite Visibility, DMA (Digital Marketing Company), Higher Visibility and many more.

Still not sure? Why you should use content pillar strategy? We listed all the advantages below.

Creating a pillar page has the following advantages -

  • Pillar page content targets a lot of similar keywords which boosts the website traffic.
  • Being long form pillar page helps in targeting a large amount of relevant keywords.
  • Pillar content strategy uses topic cluster which covers specific keyword in depth.
  • Pillar page acts as a content pillar that usually contains link of other relevant blogs or pages.
  • Make sure to link relevant websites with high domain authority as well as internal links.
  • Search engine prioritize keyword rich content along with internal links to cluster pages.
  • Pillar pages have good chances to rank higher in the search engines algorithm.
  • Pillar content strategy is an effective SEO strategy which helps in increasing the overall domain authority of a website along with the boost in website traffic.
  • Using topic clusters retains the readers on your website while giving them valuable information.

Pillar Page Strategy

Pillar page strategy focus on covering all the details of the main topic briefly. The objective of the pillar page to present all the information on the internet in an organised way.

The sub-topics are later explained in further detail in separate blogs which is known as topic clusters or cluster pages. 

Pillar Page

Pillar pages work because it provides in depth insight of a particular topic.It is usually the first page that the the readers come across. If you are looking forward to creating a reliable brand on the internet, make sure that each blog the users come across should fulfill their user intent.User intent is defined as the query which the user wants to be resolved. If the reader is looking for information about "Make sure your blog is focused around the people search.

Keyword Research 

Following are Free Keyword research tools

  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator - Ahref's is among the most used Keyword research tool available on the internet. It is one stop shop for all the research queries and most of the SEO experts use it. Ahref's plans are quiet expensive for a beginner. We only recommend it to those that are generating revenue through their blogging websites.
  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool - SEMrush is quiet popular within the SEO community. It offers 3-5 search queries for free, and afterwards asks to get it's premium subscription.
  • Ubersuggest - Uber suggest is seen as the cheap alternative for Ahref's and SEMrush. It is a premium keyword research tools with various added features like site audit and many more.Click here to check out the various plans that ubersuggest offers. It is a great tool but doesn't match up to its premium competitors.
  • Keyword Surfer - It is a free tool that most of the beginners will find useful. It gives a brief report of the website's overall performance and suggest. 
  • AnswerThePublic - It generates keyword ideas by analyzing the search queries entered by users in the search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.
  • Keyword Sheeter - This tool helps you create lists of target keywords for a specific niche. The keyword suggests are decent and reliable.
  • Keyworddit - This tools analyses the various blog titles of the top performing blogs and pulls keywords ideas from them. Although it lacks the in-depth features but most of the beginners will find this tool extremely useful.
  • QuestionDB - This is a free tool that gives you keyword suggestion on the basis of a broad keyword entered by you. 

Before choosing a keyword research tool we recommend to buy a 1 or 3 months subscription to test out the tool by yourself. Things like user interface and user experience plays an important role too.

Cluster content

Cluster content is about creating content for related keywords. Read more on how cluster content help in your website's SEO. Cluster content retains users on your platform, improving your retention time and reducing your bounce rates.

A page with high bounce rate informs search engine that the content does not contain meet the user's expectation or user intent. This leads to demotion in SERP ranking, further negatively effecting your website's credibility among the readers.

Topic Clusters

For this blog which focuses on the niche "what is a pillar post" we will create sub topic in depth using topic cluster model. Sub topic like "Top 5 keyword research tool" will be covered here briefly and we will leave internal links to cluster pages that will cover these sub topics in greater detail. This is also known as internal linking strategy.

Cluster pages creates a ecosystem within your website, where each piece of content acts as an supporting page for others. It leads to boost in traffic for all the blog posts related keywords.It creates a network of content pages that boosts the readership for each particular topic and keeps users on your content pages.

All the topic clusters act as an supporting elements for the pillar post. An example of pillar pages strategy is cloud elements pillar page on API integration.Topic cluster model is used by various SEO agencies around the globe. It is a reliable method to become a authority within your niche.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a effective method of content marketing. A lot of people tend to seen Email Marketing as a old school method that is not effective anymore. 

Well we digress, because they are forgetting that there are still plenty of users in the older demographic that still checks their email on a regular basis.

Creating a eye capturing and email that also provides value to the readers is a challenge. Specially when the attention spans of internet users have decreased year by year. But those that can figure out the email marketing, it can be extremely rewarding.

Pillar Content Strategy

Pillar content strategy focuses on creating a directory of valuable blog posts written on a specific niche. The main purpose of using pillar page is to create a one stop shop for everything that the reader might want to know about a specific niche.

Creating Pillar page is a tedious task as it might months to research all the best sources available on each topic cluster. This is main reason why bloggers add links to posts of other websites that have high domain authority.

It is almost an impossible task to cover every possible query within a single pillar page. The search results are variable and usually have thousands of relevant keywords of one specific niche. Linking to other's pillar pages is similar to outsourcing within the blogging industry.

The benefit of only focusing on few keywords for specific blogs post is that it improves that chances of your blog posts in reaching the first page of search engines like Google and Bing.

Content Marketing

Whether we want to accept it or not, we are living in the age of content marketing. The businesses that focus their efforts and resources on content marketing will have an upper hand in capturing the market share.

The angel investor and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk is a big fan of social media marketing. He believes that every company should see itself as "content creating firm". The goal is not to get millions of likes, followers or subscribers it is more about getting your story in front of the audience.

Content Creation

In the modern age the content creation has become a necessity for each brand or business. The idea of content creation is also used by influencers that are seeing it as a career opportunity. People are creating content for a living. 

There are platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram which have risen in popularity in the past decade to such an extent that it has become the second most visited website on the Internet after Google.

Despite of these video dominant platforms blogging is here to stay, as written words seem to have a unique impression on it's audience which other means of content marketing can't achieve. Mostly blogs are informational in nature and highly targeted to resolving one query of the reader.

This is due to the fact that 60-80% of Google searches are long tail keywords. Long tail keywords means a keyword that has 4 or more words in it. This makes the use of long tail keywords good means of long term organic traffic.

AI Tools For Content Writing and SEO Optimization

We are on the verge of developing powerful AI that can outperform human brain in board games like chess and Chinese game Go. More recently AI defeated a team professional E-sports players in the team game known as Dota.

We have made a list of AI systems that you might want to check out -

Jasper.ai - It is a great AI tool that can fulfill all your copy writing needs. It analyses millions of copies and find pattern that lead to increase in the parameters like reader engagement, retention time and sales figures.

Diib - Diib is an AI tool that helps you in improving your website's Domain Authority by implementing automated SEO edits in your content pages. It also keeps track of competitor within your niche and makes SEO audits and adapts as per required.

Hopefully that AI won't take over the SEO jobs in the near future, because all the content on internet will lose it's human touch.

Alli AI - Ali AI is a SEO tool that offers SEO audit of your platform with one click. It analyses the flaws in the content pages, pillar page and does edits that are harming your website's SEO.

The service is on the expensive end, but with the hassle free user experience it is bound to get a lot more attention in the coming years.

SurferSEO - Surfer SEO is the AI tool that assists in the entire content writing process. You can add the target keywords for example your primary and secondary keywords.

After this it generates a list of high performing keywords by performing competition analysis. It further helps in maintaining the proper keyword density and gives the written blog post a score out of 100.

Identifying the Target Audience

Before starting the content writing process identifying your target audience is the crucial. It is the foundational aspect of the entire pillar page or blog posts.

Whether you want to create an ultimate guide or a simple blog, the first step it is to figure out which query it is going to focus on. One of the important prerequisite of creating a pillar page is the that concept of pillar page should be clear before starting the writing process.

Content Strategy

Internal linking strategy is effective content strategy because it focuses on retaining the user and channeling them through various blog posts published by you.

Internal linking strategy helps the pillar page by increasing the traffic of each blog post written by you, meanwhile helping the readers. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Long tail Keywords

Statistically 64% of the searches are highly specific, which means keywords more than 4 words. Bloggers that only focus on Primary and secondary keywords tend to miss out on the long tail organic traffic.

Search Engine Algorithms

How the Search engine algorithms work is among the best kept secrets. Although we can look at the trends and try to understand what the algorithm seems to be favoring these days.

Unless you have contacts in the Google itself, that is only way there is adapt yourself for these coming changes.

Search engine

  • Search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo have developed Search engine algorithms that use various parameters to rank pages. Pages that meet the given parameters tend to rank higher in the search engine results.
  • Good content marketing leads to better user engagement and helps your website's pages become an authority for the specific keyword or niche.

Voice Assistants

  • Virtual Assistants have become quiet popular in the last few years. The push by Apple that made Siri a household name, definitely pushed others corporate giants to develop their own voice assistants. The most well known voice assistants are Amazon echo. Google Home, Apple's Siri.
  • About 20% of the search queries from mobile devices are through voice searches. And obviously, the search engines have adapted to this change. Nowadays, the pillar page that answer the detailed queries have more chances to get picked up one of these assistants.
  • The blogging game the changed because factors like readability are also having impact on the performance of a blog post. So bloggers don't just have to write the best pillar page but also need to write it is simpler language.
  • We all know that it is hard to keep up with the rate of the innovation but we must keep or else we'll be left behind in the dust. Hope you found this Pillar page on "How to write a Pillar page" helpful.

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