What is A Thot Z

What is A Thot

The word "Thot" has been widely used on the internet in recent times. You might have observed the term "thot" usually found in Instagram comments, In memes, and in tweets.

Have you ever thinkwhat "thot" is? or who is a thot?

I am noticing "thot" memes continuously rolling across the internet. In this blog, I will provide you with in-depth knowledge about what "thot"memes and so on.

Where did thot come from?

The word "thot" (Rhymes with not) has been used as an acronym term like "that hoe over there" and "thirsty hoes out there".

The term thought first appear in the Urban Dictionary in 2012. Chief Keef first used the term thoton one of his music videos. After that many hip-hop artists used this term frequently.

In 2014 the term thot was at its peak. So onwards gaining a slow and steady come back on sites including Twitter and Reddit.

Many rappers and Hip-hop artists have used the term thot in their music. This helped the thot to gain popularity and momentum on all social media platforms.

The 2017 song Thot by Uncle Murda signifies how the singer used to love a woman until he discovered she was a thot. This song includes words like God Damn, about the pussy, can't believe I almost wiped you, found out you were a thot too and what you gotta be a thot for.


The term thot originates an offensive slang term. Thot is used for a woman who is seen as loose, easy attention-seeking, and trashy.

We should know the term thot is immerged from the Chicago-born rap star in late 2011. After that the videographer namely Duan Gaines claims he came to know that someone used the word "thot" when he was shooting the music video.  

Make sure don't try to take it otherwise, These are the words of the singer and I only quote them here.    

What does thot mean?


The word "thot" is not likely to be added to Oxford English Dictionary. The word "thot" typically means a woman who enjoys having sex and other rights to her own body.

The slang meaning of thot in Urban Dictionary means a "thot "as a cheap woman who apparently does not deserve respect.

The site reads the most popular definition of thot as "A woman who pretends to be the type of valuable female commodity who rightfully earns male commitment- until the man discovers that she is just a cheap imitation of a "good girl" who is good only for mindless sex, not relations ships or respect."

Another definition of thot is misogynistic slang, very much similar to golddigger or a slut.

We should always keep this in our mind the term thot has a dual barreled meaning. So you no need to be confused with the meaning of a thot. Sometimes the meaning of a term thot is "men shaming women for having sex with them".

"Thot" is not used in a formal way. Therefore the term "slut" is mostly used towards women as a way of shaming them for their sexual behavior.

Another term "thot be gone" is used as an insult towards self-assured women, particularly those with self-confidence. They are often known as "insta thots".

Many groups at different social media platforms recently try to identify potential 'thotties'. These groups take steps to prevent men from interacting with them.

"thot patrols" keeps a vigilant watch on the social media profiles of thotties. In order to remove their social media profiles.

Why should we think about using thot?

We are frequently noticing that no one should say "thot"many controversial words or terms have been taken back when people reclaim the words that have been used against.

Therefore slut has been disliked by many women who have been sexually assaulted in the form of slut walks. So the large protests where women marching in the clothes they were assaulted for.

Moreover, LGBT+ people classify themselves with the word queer regardless of the word’s homophobic history. Therefore, when women use the caption “thot” in social media on a specific fire selfie, it’s a different category from destructive men aiming to break their confidence.

Without a doubt, calling someone else a thot is somehow sexist, unlike when you call yourself a “thot.”

What’s The Origin of Thot?

'Thot’ is typically an acronym that stands for “thirsty hoes out there” or “that hoe over there.”

This term appeared first in 2012 on Urban Dictionary, after a renowned hip-hop artist Chief Keef said “thot” while recording one of his music videos. Consequently, “thot” became more popular in 2014. However, after some time, this term is slowly returning on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Furthermore, more rappers, hip-hop artists, and rappers are popularizing this term on social media by often using it in their music.

Is It Right To Use Thot?

Generally, people should not ban using “thot.” Why so?
This is because the harsh words against certain groups of people are usually what these people reclaim and use to their advantage.

For instance slut, a common shaming word against women is now popular for women who have been through sexual assault. These women use the word to form protests wearing the clothes from the assault insignificance of solidarity and stand against such behaviors.

How is Thot used in real life?

The other acronyms for the term "thot" are thotty or are thottie or hottie and so on. "thot" often describes women as cheap and easy, or just to love the level generally. 

 In the mid-2010s a meme, Begone Thot arises as a reaction against what young male internet users saw as access of thots on Instagram and Twitch streams.

Here game changes all around, it refers to all genders too and has softened to refer positively, to a sexy, confident person in general, as like a hottie.

How to use Thot in a sentence

We all know the women were desperately upset, at being called a "thot" by some rappers. Moreover, the term "thot" went viral on various social media platforms examples
  • He thot the brandy of the region was fine and sent some to friends in Ireland.
  • It was impossible, he thot, but she must still be there.
  • He was only fut for a pigsty, an' a dom puir apology for thot same.
  • A small 3000-year-old statue of thot, the Egyptian god scripture.
  • If thot is the case, how are we ivver goin' to get out av here?
  • Thot as a noun slang

    "Thot" as a noun slang means offensive and disparaging.

  • A woman is considered to be sexually provocative or promiscuous, a slut or whore.
  • The "thot" is pronounced either like "thawt" or "thought". Thot stands for "that ho over there" or "thirsty hoes over there". Make sure it is offensive.
  • Words near by Thot

    Thorshavn, Thortveitite, Thorvaldsen, Thoth, Thotmas I, Thotmas II, Thotmas III and thou.

    Numerology of Thot

    Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of THOT in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

    Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of THOT in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tik tok thot


    TikTok thots is a subreddit dedicated to TikTok videos of the most attractive women on TikTok.So It has been growing simultaneously with the popularity of the TikTok app.

    Thot is a derogatory term originally for a woman who has many casual encounters or relationships. Now it usually refers to women who use their bodies for attention online. Many of the most popular women on TikTok and the most popular videos have appeared in the subreddit.

    Duckie thot

    Nyadak "Duckie" Thot is an Australian model. Thot finished in third place on the eighth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model and made her runway debut at the Yeezy S/S 17 show. She is best known for being a face of Fenty Beauty as well as playing the lead role in the Alice in Wonderland-inspired 2018 Pirelli Calendar.

    Twitch thot

    Twitch Thot is a female that uses her body as an instrument for monetary gain from gamers while streaming.

    Editor's Note
    The content i present in my blog is not to be a formal defintion of this term. Do remember it is an informal summary that provides supplemental information and context important to know or everything whether its meaning history and usage of the term.

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    what is a thoth

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    what is a thotiana

    "Thotiana" takes its name for the slang acronym "Thot", or "that ho over there." Jon Caramanica of The New York Times described the dance associated with the song as "the comically sexual bust down, in which [Blueface] yanks at the waistband of his pants while studiously gyrating".

    thot meaning

    Pronounced either like “thought” or “thawt,” THOT is an acronym that stands for “that ho over there” or “thirsty hoes over there.” But is it offensive?

    definition of thot

    Thot is a slang for a “slut” or “whore.” It originally stands for that ho over there. Thot is sometimes used as a generic term for a woman, similar to ho or b*tch.While many have reclaimed the term, thot is generally considered sexist and disparaging.Content warning: the following sections include further references to sexual and sexist content, which is involved in the history and use of the slang term.

    thot urban dictionary

    A thot is someone who desires intercourse (thirsty), has a lot of intercourse (hoe), and happens to be in the vacinity (over there).

    Everybody saying it is "That Hoe Over There" is wrong. That doesn't make sense if you say "Yo, she's a thot" She's a that hoe over there? no.

    what does thot stand for

    A woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

    is hoe a bad word

    Recorded since at least the 1960s,hois a Black English pronunciation of whore. While technically ho is a rude word for a sex worker, it’s been used as a sexist slur against women more generally since around the same time.It’s this notion of a ho, as in any woman, that’s at play in the misogynistic expression all of these hoes. This phrase is closely associated with hip-hop and rap music. One early example comes from the Notorious B.I.G.’s 1999 track “Big Booty Hoes,” where he raps that “all of these hoes do that shit,” i.e., sexual activity.

    hoe slang

    a long-handled implement having a thin, flat blade usually set transversely, used to break up the surface of the ground, destroy weeds, etc.
    any of various implements of similar form, as for mixing plaster or mortar.
    verb (used with object), hoed, hoe·ing.
    to dig, scrape, weed, cultivate, etc., with a hoe.
    verb (used without object), hoed, hoe·ing.
    to use a hoe.

    thot outfit

    Thoth’s sacred animals were the ibis and the baboon; millions of mummified bodies of those animals have been found in cemeteries near Hermopolis and Memphis. Thoth was usually represented in human form with an ibis’s head. The Greeks identified Thoth with their god Hermes and termed him “Thoth, the thrice great” (Hermes Trismegistos). Important philosophical works were attributed to Hermes Trismegistos.

    thot yacht

    Someone who dates people only for their money.
    "Did you hear about that girl?"

    "The one who only dates rich guys? Yea, she doesn't even like them"

    "Yea, she a yacht thot"

    thot b gone

    A word for the highly intelligent. If there is a wild thot that stands in their path they may use this phrase to scare this wild beast away.
    Person 1 : Oh no, theres a thot in our way!
    Person 2: its ok. "Thot Be Gone!"
    *Thot runs away in fear*
    Thot Be Gone is a company made by a team of people selling products to eliminate thots or hoes from existence,their featured products still in the making; thot spray, thot net,thot bag,thot bait and more which have not been shared to us.
    they have an instagram so far and they are looking for funds to finish their products so they can be sold and put to justice @Thot_be_goneofficial on instagram
    I used the "thot spray" to spray a thottie away with THOT BE GONE

    anime thots song

    I am noticing something, I got here because the original video was blocked in my country for some reason and also was the case for an abnormal amount of songs in my playlist. It's not strictly about anime raps or anything, it's a playlist containing a random/diverse set of genres [from Kawaii EDM to certain rock songs from the 80's

    how to pronounce thot

    So make sure to stay tuned to the channel sam yoors. Thought a derogatory informal term designating a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships thought and now you know.

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