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What is Affiliate Marketing & How to Get Started in 2022

In this blog we are going to share tips on affiliate marketing in a beginner friendly way. 

You'll find this blog helpful if you are interested in promoting the products of another business in order to generate passive income for  yourself.

On an average experienced affiliate marketers earn $70 k / Year, while the beginners can earn $30-35k per annum. All in all it is quiet lucrative industry to step into but that also makes it one of the most competitive industries. 

Watch this video from Matt Diggity, an SEO Expert and Affiliate Marketer.

How Do Affiliates Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing?

Reviewers, known as affiliates, earn commissions when readers click the seller's link on the review and purchase the product.

Shoppers reading the review may click the link to go to a site where they can buy the item or find out more information on it. 

When shoppers who read a review click a link to make a purchase via a seller's website or e-commerce marketplace like Amazon, the purchase is credited to the customer by the affiliate marketer. 

The merchant then pays an affiliate commission for referring someone who makes the purchase.

If the reader buys a service or product, the e-commerce merchant credits the affiliate's account the agreed-upon commission, which can range from 5% to 10% of the sales price. This percentage varies from industry to industry. 

For Example - SAAS companies offer recurring commission for each customer that signs up to their services through your link.

In this scheme, a merchant pays an affiliate a percentage of a product's sales price once the consumer has purchased a product through an affiliate marketing strategy.

The Affiliate

The affiliate may be either a person or a business that markets a product in order to sell in a compelling manner to prospective consumers.

The affiliate will promote the product /service to consumers via necessary channels, be it social media, a blog, or YouTube videos. And if  the readers find a product that appeals to them they may click the affiliate link and purchase the product from the merchant's site.

Affiliates (also called publishers or advertisers) promote a seller's products to their audiences using affiliate links and advertising.

Affiliates can be people who promote products through social media profiles, people who run a business and help promote related products on their website, and people who run a business and help promote relevant products on your website.

Affiliates can be people who promote products through social media profiles, people who run a business and help promote related products on their website, and people who run a business and help promote relevant products on your website.

An affiliate is a person who uses their networks and online marketing skills to promote products and services. When a company builds relationships with an engaged audience that trusts it, partner product or service reviews provide potential buyers with reliable social proof.

Publishers and affiliates can be individuals or companies that promote products to potential consumers in an attractive way. Each type of membership reaches its audience in different ways, such as through blog posts, coupon sites, or email campaigns. 

Affiliates only get paid for referring any business to any of about 5 different advertisers, making review si ( Pqytes a very large and highly converting crowd for affiliate marketers.

Typically, affiliate marketers host websites where they advertise offers on behalf of companies and brands in a variety of ways such as blogs, videos, reviews, ads, product links, and more.

Native advertising is ideal for affiliate marketers as they can use advanced targeting methods, a range of ad types such as video and carousel, and an affordable CPC payment model where you only pay for clicks, not clicks and impressions.

By creating authoritative and evergreen content, affiliates will generate important backlinks to your product pages. By creating new premium content and running targeted paid campaigns, these partners will drive high-quality traffic to your business, which may increase your conversion rate.

Getting the Affiliate Link

To obtain a unique affiliate link to a product or service, you may want to research the particular merchant (the product creator) and either request it from their website, or you may want to sign up with one of the affiliate networks, which aggregates several affiliate programs into one place.

For Business Owners

If you are a business owner with existing products or services you would like to sell, starting your own affiliate marketing program makes the most sense.

For instance, the business owner could set up an affiliate marketing program around products and services they choose, and affiliates could choose what programs they opt into.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are three types of affiliate marketing. Each approach has a significant upside to them. We have listed them below

Involved Affiliate marketing

Related Affiliate Marketing

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

1) Involved affiliate marketing

In Involved affiliate marketing, the products and services of a company are promoted by an expert of that industry.

For example, a SaaS product company might affiliate external blog owners who in turn link the company's products to related content to direct potential customers to the product page. 

There are no restrictions on the size of a company or the variety of physical and digital products a merchant can sell through affiliates.

2) Related affiliate marketing

Rather than relying on PPC, connected affiliate marketers leverage their own personal experiences with a product in their marketing efforts, and customers may trust them as reliable sources of information. 

The benefit of affiliated affiliate marketing is that affiliates have the knowledge to drive traffic, however, they can run the risk of recommending a poor product or service if they have not really used it before, potentially costing them their audiences trust.

A middle ground between not being associated with the brand and being associated, related affiliate marketing is geared towards people who are not necessarily using a product or service, but are somewhat associated with a product or service for their niche audience.

3) Unattached affiliate marketing

In independent affiliate marketing, the affiliate simply places an advertisement promoting the merchant's product, and there is no direct connection between the content of the affiliate website and the advertised product.

Publishers, also known as affiliates or affiliate marketers, promote the services or products of affiliated merchants on various media such as social networking sites or portals.

Advertisers are called affiliates and can be companies, creators, brands, and entrepreneurs creating products or services.

Common Channels Of Affiliate Marketing Channels

Coupon Site

Coupon sites are the most popular type of affiliate program due to their ability to attract customers who are actively looking for a good deal. 

On media sites, you will find reviews and comparisons of various products, many of which are affiliate products.

PPC (Pay per click)

PPC marketing is one of most profitable niches to start your business in. Generally beginners consider PPC are considered old school but you would be surprised to know that it is one of the most ROI positive service in the any industry.

Typically, a unrelated affiliate will do a PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign, using the affiliates link, hoping customers will click on it and buy themselves. For each click or conversion made, the affiliate is paid by the merchant. 

Email Affiliate Marketing

In these types of affiliate marketing, publishers have user email databases that they can use to send out specific offers or newsletters related to the merchant's products and services. 

The partner uses their various campaigns to collect emails in bulk and then sends emails related to the products they are promoting. 

Email affiliates are rarely a distinct group, which means they tend to use other marketing channels as well.

Social Media influencers

For example, an affiliate agency may also promote affiliate sales on social media or through a blog. For example, a SaaS product company might affiliate external blog owners who in turn link the company's products to related content to direct potential customers to the product page.

The partner will sell the product/service to consumers through the necessary channels, whether social networks, blogs, or YouTube videos and if the consumer believes that the product they are using is valuable or useful to them, they can follow the link. 

Using Youtube to drive sales

You can also use Youtube to drive sales by adding affiliate links in the video descriptions. There are many more channels and digital marketing platforms you can use to promote your affiliate business.

Another option is to sign up with an affiliate network, then look for items related to the niche you are going to be promoting.

Advertisement Fee

The second way by which brand's collaborate with influencers is by paying them an advertisement fee. This fee depends on a number of factors like the size of the audience, the engagement rate with the posts, demographic of the audience.

Demographic is usually one of the most important parameters. The middle-aged demographic that usually ranges from the early 20s to late 50s is usually the most lucrative. 

Because people in these age groups are most interested in personal finances, money-making, investing, stock market, real estate, crypto, etc. They have the time and money which makes their attention quite financially rewarding.

For example, a VPN company will target the demographic from 18 - 40 years old that want to keep themselves safe from threats online.

Well, affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest ways to make good money without having to bother building a product and selling it yourself. You can start making money as an affiliate as soon as you have a place to recommend products, be it a website, podcast, or even social media.

Diversify your channels

Don't rely solely on SEO or social media to get people to your site and get referrals. Whether you're using your email list to drive more traffic to your high-converting posts or directing users directly to an affiliate link, email marketing is a great way to increase your income.

How to pick a niche

Choose affiliate businesses and affiliate products that you already know and use. If you've done the work of choosing a niche, choosing an affiliate product to promote should be easy. Choose affiliate articles that fit your niche and blog content.

Promotional Post / Sponsored Post

If you want to build a promotional piece that goes beyond just earning a commission from sales generated via the affiliate link, then you are going to have to work with brands directly using one of these platforms.

This could be done by creating a site that is designed to drive referrals for products and services, or by running a paid advertising campaign that is designed to reach the appropriate target groups.

How do Influencers work with brands?

To earn from affiliate marketing, social media influencers work with companies looking to promote their products and services, creating promotional content they are paid to post on their social media account.

Ways to Build Audience

Of course, there are other options to audience building, like email marketing, social media ads, paid ads, SEO, etc. The key to building an audience is getting the people who are likely to read your blog and buy your promoted products and services, to consistently come to your blog and read your content. 

You have ads, videos, images, and many more options to help you build your audience and effectively market products.

You have to understand marketing and figure out ways to reach people that want to and can buy your product as an affiliate. You have also created a website so you can begin creating content around your affiliate products.

Best Approach for Affiliate Marketing

You could use your website, build landing pages, or include affiliate links in your newsletters -- there are tons of ways you can promote your affiliate products.

You should also check the policies of your merchant before starting your advertising campaign because some merchants will not let their affiliate partners advertise affiliate links using Google Ads or any other kind of advertising.

In short, you have to let your audience know you are getting compensation for the products you are promoting, and you always have to let them know when the link is an affiliate link in order to remain FTC compliant.

While becoming involved may result in poor-quality products being shared on the web, or unscrupulous marketers resorting to tactics such as link spamming, affiliate marketing is actually an amazing opportunity, both for the affiliates and for the merchants willing to put the effort into doing the product promotion rightly.

The benefit to associated affiliate marketing is that affiliates have the know-how to drive traffic, however, they may be at risk of recommending a poor product or service if they have not really used it before, potentially costing them the trust of their audience.

Rather than relying on PPC, relevant affiliate marketers leverage their own first-hand experiences with the product in their marketing efforts, and customers may trust them as reliable sources of information.

Cookie Duration

The consumer does not necessarily have to purchase the product being promoted to an affiliate to receive the commission. If people eventually end up buying someone else product because of your marketing, you get a commission on each purchase.

Marketing as an affiliate is a popular way for individuals who write about goods and services on digital platforms in order to make money on sales resulting from their favorable reviews.

What Is Affiliate Marketing (And How To Get Started)

In general, affiliate marketers run websites in which they promote offers in the name of businesses and brands through various means, such as blogs, videos, reviews, ads, product links, etc.

Some companies do affiliate marketing internally, which is usually found by searching online for a company named affiliate program, or you may be joining a company that oversees a large number of affiliate programs.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

The biggest advantage that affiliate marketing has for companies looking to advertise their products or services, however, is that affiliate marketing provides brands with a far higher level of social proof compared to other avenues for advertising.

Who is the Affiliate Marketing for?

As an affiliate marketer, you get to promote products from a ton of different companies, and you get to make money off all of them. 

By building direct business relationships with brands, you may be able to get better commission rates than with giant companies such as Amazon. Even better is if you are able to grab income using an affiliate link to competing products.

Then, simply use the dedicated affiliate links in your blog posts, and you will start earning a commission. If it is on Amazon, you can promote that too by signing up for their affiliate program. 

You receive a special link that allows the retailer to keep track of the people who clicked on your link, if they bought the product, you earn commissions. Each post about a product will have a special link in it, which allows you to get commissions for sales.

How brands use Affiliate Marketing

As you begin to build a presence within a community, you can begin spreading awareness of your affiliated products. At least, it shows you how important it is to find a suitable affiliate product for selling within your niche.

Essentially, affiliate marketing can be thought of as an extension of the marketing team, using a third-party service that only pays when a lead converts and a successful sale is made. 

Affiliate marketing can also help companies build brand awareness through word-of-mouth advertising and get quick customer feedback on new products. 

As an affiliate marketing entrepreneur, you'll quickly realize that this is a very effective way to build brand awareness and quickly improve your business's customer acquisition strategy.

How to get affiliate links from brands?

If there is a product that you really want to promote that does not have an open affiliate program, contact the company and ask if they are willing to establish an affiliate relationship with you.

Generally, becoming an affiliate for those products may take a bit more legwork, as the creators are usually a little bit more guarded about who they allow marketing the product. Usually, you will have to speak with the creator directly or find the affiliate page on their product website.

The website only gets paid if your promotion results in a sale. An affiliate may also choose to promote its own content in order to generate transactions, either through running ads, getting search traffic through SEO, or building an email list. Typically, this is another blogger or content creator who works in the product niche that they are creating for.

A retailer offers income shares and commissions to individuals or other companies who have significant numbers of followers of their brand (affiliates). A merchant may be a company such as HubSpot, which offers commissions to each affiliate that is successful in getting its visitors to purchase from HubSpot.

For each click or conversion made, an affiliate is paid by the merchant. Once an affiliate sells the product, he/she gets a share of the sale, which results in income-generating fluctuation depending on the performance and the audience.

Essentially, the affiliates do the marketing on behalf of the merchant on the internet, the end result being to bring traffic and conversions to the merchant's site. Known as publishers, affiliates may be individuals or companies who promote the products they are promoting in a manner attractive to prospective consumers.

Also known as a publisher, an affiliate can be an individual or a company. Affiliates (also called publishers or advertisers) promote the seller's products to their audiences using affiliate links and advertising.

For instance, the merchant may set up an affiliate marketing program around products and services that they choose, and affiliates may choose what programs they opt into. Rather than relying on PPC, participating affiliate marketers leverage their own personal experiences with products in their marketing efforts, and customers may trust them as reliable sources of information.

The benefit of affiliated affiliate marketing is that affiliates have the knowledge to drive traffic, however, they can run the risk of recommending a poor product or service if they have not really used it before, potentially costing them the trust of their audience.

Types of affiliate marketing It is often not clear if the affiliate marketer has actually used the product being promoted, or is just in it for the money -- sometimes, this might not make any difference to a customer.

Whether you are interested in promoting products from other companies in order to make a passive income or want to build your business via a network of talented publishers and advertisers, affiliate marketing can help.

If you own a site related to online marketing, blogging, or business, thankfully, there are plenty of really robust affiliate programs out there for different services. You can start making money as an affiliate once you have somewhere you recommend products, whether it is on the site you own, a podcast, or even social media.

Your next step is finding an affiliate program, which takes you a step closer to finding a partner retailer that will supply the products you are promoting and compensate you for your efforts.

Here's the thing, you can choose almost any product that can be purchased online, and there is an affiliate program out there that will pay you a referral fee for referring sales.

The biggest thing to know as a newbie is that to get the commission, a customer that converts has to come through your unique affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a really simple idea: You find a product or service you love and highly recommend, and you earn a commission when you make a sale through promoting that product or service.

While affiliate marketing may sound straightforward - simply find a product that you love, promote it, and earn a cut of the profits from each sale that you make - in reality, there are some moving parts you have to keep track of.

Affiliate Marketing - How To Make Money

You cannot make money in affiliate marketing unless you are willing to put your time and energy into growing your audience and pushing your products or services. If your approach includes proper ways of expanding your audience and promoting relevant products to them, you can build a cottage industry from your affiliate marketing.

Moreover, affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest ways of making a nice income without having to deal with the headaches of creating the product and selling it yourself.

An affiliate just searches for the product that appeals to him or her, then advertises the product, earning a portion of the profits on every sale that he or she makes.

Now, compare that with an affiliate program, where you are advertising a $100 product, and making 50%, or $50, on each sale. Two different affiliate programs might have $100 products, but if one gives 50% commissions while another gives 10%, one is far more profitable than the other. If people are making a decent amount of money on the affiliate program, it is very likely the products are performing well.

High-conversion products will help you earn with affiliate marketing, but it is also important to promote products that pay a higher commission. Affiliate products that have repeatable commissions may be among the highest paying ones, since it allows you to maximize value per customer. 

If you take a look at the high paying affiliate programs mentioned on this post, most will have products offering repeating commissions each month (or year). Observe any successful affiliate marketers that earn thousands each month through their affiliate marketing, and you will notice they heavily rely on programs or networks to generate repeatable commissions.

You can connect with such programs through affiliate networks, which give you a link you place on your website. You may also consider affiliate networks such as LinkShare or CJ Affiliate, which provide you with a variety of different programs to choose from. 

The networks will give you advice on how to promote an affiliates offers (usually in an in-depth marketing policy), and some also provide marketing materials your company can use to help drive conversions and establish credibility. While you might be already marketing various products and services, you do not start earning online money as an affiliate partner until you have chosen among different affiliate programs and signed up.

The truth is, you are going to need to put in a little legwork in order to setup your blog, pick out the affiliate income programs, and create the content to promote them. 

The most common (and efficient) way to put people in front of your affiliate products is by having a website of your own. 

A polite, and in many places, mandatory, practice is to place an affiliate disclosure statement on top of your site, letting visitors to the site know that you are using advertising links on your site, and will receive a commission on any purchases made via the links. 

In general, most affiliate networks pay somewhere between 5 and 15% for the successful conversion of leads into sales through a given link. For example, Reseller Club pays Rs 5000 per conversion, whereas Godaddy Affiliate pays as much as 100% commission for successful sales. 

If you are working for an expensive product such as electronic gadgets costing $300 and getting 5 percent commission, just 5 sales will suffice to get to a milestone payout of $70. There is no limit to how many affiliate programmes you can work with, and there are plenty of affiliate partners who are working with several sellers and are making thousands of dollars a month.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How To Succeed

  • No Upfront Cost - As you can see, affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways you can earn online without investing anything up front, and it is really simple to get started with affiliate marketing too, as all you really need is a website or a blog that is already driving some traffic. 
  • Mutiple Products - As an affiliate marketer, you need to work hard and promote a lot of different products in order to make a good income. Once you are successful with a single main product, you can branch out and build another funnel for your affiliate marketing. When building out your affiliate promotions, think about what products are the easiest to integrate in an affiliate blog post or an article.
  • Diversify - Diversifying content allows you to broaden the range of your affiliate partnerships and marketing opportunities, while decreasing the dependence on just one or a few merchants. Having people who read, browse, and engage with your content helps you earn an affiliate commission. To see how well your affiliate links are performing, use tools offered by your affiliate network or influencer-monetization platform to find out how well your followers are responding.
  • Long Term Strategy - By running an affiliate marketing campaign on a quality blog and publishing outlet, brands will be in the best possible position to bring traffic back to their eCommerce pages, while also engaging with niche communities of customers ready to discover new products. A brand that is constantly pushing products with no consideration to providing actual value to its audience will find affiliate marketing a short-lived revenue stream. As a business model, buying traffic in order to make money from affiliates might not be a viable plan.
  • Legal Apsect - You have to let your audience know you are getting compensation to promote products that you are pushing, and you should always let them know when a link is an affiliate link in order to remain FTC-compliant. The goal is to persuade your readers that you are a credible source of information, then to offer ways that they can improve their lives through products and services offered by your affiliate partners.
  • Acquire new Skills - Your revenue will directly correlate to what types of offers you promote, how much traffic you drive to your website, and how well you understand other skills in online marketing, such as email marketing and SEO. You can generate extra money with your affiliate business with ease, but you need to put the effort and use your creative side to optimize your earning potential. You will need to pay advertising, which can get costly, but your conversion rates and sales will depend on the performance of the merchant.
  • As your website grows and your marketing skills increase, you can begin learning more complex strategies and tactics. As you become more sophisticated, your site, email marketing platform, social media channels, and website analytics also can give insight as to how effective your other influencer activities are.

10 Best Affiliate Platforms And Networks Compared (2022)

Affiliate marketing can prove to be a lucrative earning opportunity, but it's worth extending your options to both the affiliate networks of your choice and the best affiliate marketing programs to give you the best chance of success.

The Affiliate Network gives publishers access to a variety of affiliate marketing programs, including tools for reporting, training, metrics tracking, and other resources to help them excel in the affiliate marketing game.

The most popular example of an affiliate network is Amazon, which allows publishers and influencers to promote thousands of products and earn a commission on every purchase their readers or subscribers make from publishers and influencers.

Brands looking to generate leads or increase sales can work with partners like bloggers, influencers, and social media gurus, who then bring in partners like bloggers to promote products or services to their audiences.

Publishers can select different advertisers to request products or services that are likely to perform best, and then, if accepted, apply targeted links to generate affiliate revenue.

If affiliates, such as bloggers, manage to target a product or service to their audience, those affiliates receive a commission, expressed as a percentage of the sales they help generate. Merchant customers who use unique affiliate links when purchasing products receive affiliate commissions.

Fiverr Affilate Program

Fiverr is one of the best paying affiliate programs out there, so if you can find a way to enroll in and promote services relevant to your business -- you have got the potential to earn a really nice amount here as an affiliate.

Fiverr also lets you promote its Learn From Fiverr lineup of courses, where you will get paid 30% on every sale made via your affiliate link. The offers make their affiliate program one of the easiest and best affiliate programs for beginners to promote, as there is an Elementor gig to suit everybody.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon has a program in which, once you are signed up as an affiliate, you can create a referral link to any product that they sell on their site, and earn a small commission when one of your blog readers clicks the link and purchases that product.

Amazon popularized affiliate marketing, creating the Affiliate Marketing Program, in which websites and bloggers place links on an Amazon page to review or discuss products in order to earn an advertising commission on purchases.

The Amazon Associates Program is arguably the most prolific example of an affiliate marketing program, whereby Amazon pays a fee as high as 10% on sales generated from the promotional content by an influencer.

You can use marketing techniques to promote any product that you want and receive sales through Amazon's affiliate links or referral codes.

It does not matter whether you are writing reviews of laptop cases, making videos of puppy sweaters, or whatever -- Amazon likely sells the products you are reviewing and will pay you an affiliate commission to send traffic their way.


ConvertKit is an affiliate program aimed at existing ConvertKit users who believe their audience can benefit from email marketing products. 

ConvertKit is an affiliate program, but it does not offer any special offers or discounts on any products that affiliates may promote.

Assuming at least some of the articles and pages are contextual and relevant to the product being marketed through affiliates, you can use them as a reliable and consistent source of leads.

Such partners use their own funds to optimize search engines, social media advertising, and many other paid advertising models to generate ROI for affiliate products and themselves.

ConvertKit is one of the only email marketing providers to offer a hefty regular commission rate for all its affiliates. . GetResponse needs no introduction for most affiliate marketers, since it is one of the best paid email marketing services, which pays a hefty recurring commission for each successful referral that you make via its affiliate links.

Get Response

GetResponse needs no introduction for most affiliate marketers, since it is one of the best paid email marketing services, which pays a hefty recurring commission for each successful referral that you make via its affiliate links.

Affiliate Networks

Generally, affiliate marketers run websites in which they promote offers in different ways, such as blogs, videos, reviews, ads, product links, etc. Basically, affiliates do online marketing on behalf of the merchant, with the ultimate goal being to drive traffic and conversions to the merchants site.

Merchants may approach affiliate networks and sign up there in order to market their products, while publishers may visit those platforms in order to search for appropriate products to promote within their content. You can connect with these programs through direct partnerships with brands, or you can sign up for an affiliate network.


ShareASale is perfect if you're starting affiliate marketing with no money because you can join the network for free and apply for programs. The network is much loved by marketers and merchants due to its intuitive interface, quick free registration, and support for partners who manage multiple websites.

Like ShareASale, you can also register on the website or social networks. a small $5 deposit to join the AWIN network. These networks allow you to join new programs across different verticals, view reports, see your commissions, and get affiliate links to add to your site.

ShareASale is a great affiliate network for people who do affiliate marketing to promote physical products and are looking for an alternative to Amazon Associates.


Partners can sign up with Shopify and apply for programs from thousands of top brands like Uber, Airbnb, Adidas, Allstate and more. Once registered, you can browse many different affiliate programs, and when you find a product you want to promote, sign up for the program with just a few clicks.


It has one of the largest databases on the list, with over 16,550 merchants and countless affiliate programs for digital and physical products across 39 different consumer categories. In a very short period of time (compared to, say, Rakuten).

Impact has partnered with a wide range of brands to choose from, offering over 9 million products. The resellers are so large, with a wide variety of products, very much like an affiliate marketing network.


FlexOffers has an extensive partner network that provides comprehensive features and services to online advertisers and publishers. 

FlexOffers is an affiliate network meaning you have to do everything yourself, but in an emergency you will be provided with FlexOffers customer service. It is a very reliable affiliate marketing network that has a lot of tools and they are very easy to use.

To make money as an affiliate marketer with FlexOffers or any affiliate network, you need to create content and spend time promoting the various offers available to you. 

It's important to join an affiliate program that offers good terms for your business and products and that resonates with your customers - that's where networks like Flexoffers come into play. 

As an advertiser, you can use Flexoffers to add an existing affiliate program or create a new affiliate program.

Ebay Partner Network

While the eBay Affiliate Network is an easy-to-use affiliate link building platform, it can still be a little tricky to link to an eBay affiliate product. To make more money with the eBay affiliate network, be sure to integrate eBay links into your content, especially when you recommend items or products that people can buy through eBay.

As long as the network does not have the right to distribute affiliate links, you can continue your promotions. After that, all links from your site to eBay will automatically turn into affiliate links.

The EBay Affiliate Program pays a monthly commission for accounts earning more than ten units of the local currency.

Using the Earnings Calculator on the eBay Affiliate Network website, you can try different products and quantities to see how much commission you can earn.


Rakuten Advertising was established as a Japanese e-commerce brand with one of the leading affiliate marketing networks. Affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. is growing 10.1% annually, which means it will reach $6.8 billion by the end of the year. 

This blog post is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right affiliate network for your platform, including what an affiliate network is, why you should consider joining a network, and a rundown of the best networks on the market.


ClickBank is a global affiliate marketing platform that gives you access to a wide range of products that you can promote, including physical and digital.

ClickBank offers over 6 million digital products created by entrepreneurs around the world, making it a good choice for email marketing partners. Several websites sell digital products and provide an affiliate marketplace for both affiliates and product creators.

Joining Clickbank as an affiliate marketer is free, there is no verification process, and you can start selling links and drive traffic to any number of products right away. You can shop, find out what you like, and then promote new affiliate products to recommend on your website.

Once you find a good product, ClickBank will provide you with a unique "affiliate link" pointing to the seller's sales page. Customers can purchase products directly through the Clickbank site or inquire about promotions from Clickbank vendors advertised by affiliates. 

There are two different ways to make money with Clickbank, either as an affiliate or as a digital product creator.

The trend means that a good ClickBank offer often earns you several times more money than a 3% discount from selling a physical product on Amazon or other affiliate programs. 

Consider how ClickBank affiliate sites are really different from Amazon affiliate sites. The same common practice that makes ClickBank a great choice for affiliates can be bad if you are a merchant trying to get good affiliates to market your ClickBank product for you. 

Pixpa Affiliate Program

Pixpas Affiliate Partner Program offers some of the highest commission rates in the industry, and there is no limit to how many referrals you can make or how much you can earn. One of the noteworthy benefits of this program is that it is one of the few brands that are offering higher commission rates, which will maximize potential earnings.


Moosends affiliate program is one of the best options out there, whether it is for marketers or bloggers looking to earn money quickly. As you might guess, the affiliate program from LeadPages is yet another choice for users, considering that they are offering 30% commission on each repeat sales.

LeadPages also supports affiliates on LeadPages with promotional assets, guides, and learning materials, so that you can drive more sales and get higher commission rates.

Avangate Affiliate Network

If you're in a niche focused on software or digital products, the Avangate affiliate network can help you generate passive income by promoting them. Affiliate marketing is the key to generating revenue from sites that may be competing to sell ad space, or provide an additional revenue stream for sites that are already active in ad space.

The network also offers a simple and intuitive dashboard along with a range of useful tools that will definitely help you improve the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Window (AWIN)

The Awin Global Affiliate Network works to help those using their platform succeed by providing blogs on how to succeed, loads of information, guidance, training, recommendations and general assistance in using the program. It allows businesses to connect with traditional affiliates, media partners, bloggers, writers, and social media website owners.

Using AWIN, you can easily manage your affiliate campaigns. Of course, AWIN does not have the fastest and most centralized affiliate program management system. Also, AWIN can be a good solution if you are looking for a diverse partner pool. 

To run a profitable affiliate program on AWIN, an affiliate must be sure that he understands the rules of the program and knows who to contact if he has any questions.

Formerly known as Affiliate Window, but now officially referred to as "AWIN" after being acquired by Zanox a few years ago, the network claims to work with over 13,000 active advertisers and 100,000 publishers (affiliates). 

Awin may be better known to some as Affiliate Window. The Awin network combines the Affiliate Window and Zanox networks. Over 13,000 partners: Awin or Affiliate Window is not like Amazon Associates or Etsy; has several partners and over 13,000 brands.

Avantlink Affiliate Network

Some networks, such as Avantlink, have strict affiliate membership requirements and may deny you access. ShareASale affiliate marketers also get access to a range of high-quality perks, including robust

Has Offers-based tracking software and free advertising resources, including landing pages and banners. As an approved affiliate, you have access to a dedicated affiliate manager to help you increase your conversion rate by matching the best programs for you and optimizing your traffic.

Publishers (affiliates) choose to disclose the methods they use to promote worthy products and brands such as Ebates, RetailMeNot and Honey, and can communicate with them directly (and offer personalized rewards).

Walmart Affiliates

Walmart provides affiliates with professionally designed banners and a series of helpful text links in its weekly newsletter. Walmart also provides affiliates with access to archived banners and newsletters and displays a variety of products on its website.

With millions of products to choose from, there's no shortage of items you can recommend to people through this massive retailer, Walmart's affiliate program. Walmart.com provides you with great marketing articles to increase your chances of selling their products through their niche site.

Walmart offers contests and other promotions throughout the year to earn additional commissions. Essentially, an affiliate can choose from a range of products and receive assigned commissions.

Avangate Affiliate Network

Currently, the Avangate Partner Network is used by over 54,000 publishers to promote over 22,000 different programs and digital products. For partners interested in promoting software and digital goods, Avangate is the ideal starting point.

Avangate caters almost entirely to the online software and service market, which means affiliates promoting the software will feel right at home here. It may seem somewhat obvious, but only partners whose audience is interested in the software can take full advantage of the Avangate network.

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