Biotechnology is a widespread sector, utilized in a number of industries to ease human life and upgrade the quality of life. Demands for new innovations and discoveries are the need of the hour, which has resulted in massive jobs in biotechnology. In this article, we will learn about one of the jobs in biotechnology: epidemiologist. 

Epidemiology studies diseases and injuries, their sources, how they spread, and methods for containing or stopping them. Professionals in this field are epidemiologists who combine their scientific knowledge with well-honed research skills to thoroughly examine disease causes and ensure the public remains healthy and safe.   

While the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the most dramatic elements of epidemiology, many epidemiologists study a wide array of common diseases and injuries that affect many people every day. Some common subjects of study include influenza, pneumonia, cancer, congenital disabilities, asthma-inducing air pollution, and heavy metal contamination. 

If you are interested in science, medicine, and investing in some of the most important health problems facing humanity today, you might want to build a career as an epidemiologist. 

What is an epidemiologist? 

Epidemiologists are healthcare professionals who find the causes of a disease, identify those at risk of contracting it, and determine how to prevent or control its spread. As public healthcare professionals, epidemiologists work to enhance health results within the population by using their biological and medical expertise to understand the diseases that influence the population deeply. 

Epidemiologists are hired by state and local government agencies, like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Institute of Health (NIH), where they research diseases and suggest suitable policy measures. Many also work within pharmaceutical companies, where they perform original research and help develop vaccines for commercial purposes. 

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What is an epidomologist?