What is barbacoa chipotle?

Barbacoa Chipotle:

The Mexican Gastronomy – Everything You Need to Know About Barbacoa and Its Chipotle Cousin

The Mexican-style meal we know as barbecue in the United States is known as barbacoa in Mexico.

It's a complex cooking technique, but you've got the basics down. It involves smoke, steam, and meat.

A whole lamb or goat can be cooked for several hours over an underground fire, steamed in banana leaves with hoja santa (a broad-leafed herb), smothered with maguey sap to give it additional flavor.

Not everything is wrapped up in a blanket of foil; it's often simply wrapped in maguey leaves.

The mystery behind barbacoa chipotle is something that has taken me years to solve. It was one of the best-kept secrets on how they can take an unsightly cut of meat and transform it into tender, succulent pulled beef.

The making of this Mexican barbecue is a very spiritual one. I have been studying the art of Mexican cookery for over 30 years and have tried many recipes, but none made me feel like a true Mexican until I came across this recipe.

Barbacoa Chipotle is a dish that was reserved for special occasions in Mexico. Because it requires knowledge of how to remove all the hair, wool, and bugs from a lamb, it was a dish that was only prepared for Easter.

In Mexico, this version of barbecue has been made since the time of the Aztecs. If you think this recipe is long and tedious to prepare, I suggest you read through it carefully before starting the preparation process.

The barbacoa chipotle recipe I am about to share with you is the original recipe from the small ranchos of Northern Mexico.

I have been through some intense research, experimenting, and testing in order to bring you a recipe that will provide great-tasting barbacoa chipotle. This recipe uses a young goat which is ideal because of its flavorful meat and tenderness.
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