Did you know that human beings spend almost a third of their lives sleeping or resting? Yes, it is difficult to believe that we are spending one-third of life sleeping, but it’s a fact.  Therefore, it is essential to pick the perfect sleep position that boosts your psychological as well as physiological recovery. Knowing which sleep position is best for you can be extremely beneficial in terms of stress relief. A night of healthy sleep in the correct position can relax your spine and muscles, and, above all, relieve your mind.

What is the Best Sleep Position?

A sleep position that gives way to proper spinal alignment, and improves your health, is the best one for you. It should keep your body relaxed, comfort you, and make you happier when you wake up after a good night’s sleep. Several health benefits are connected with your sleeping position.  Whatever sleeping position you choose, if you have supported your spine, it will relieve the tissues, and recover your muscles. Supposedly, you are prone to sleeping on your stomach; do not try to change it overnight. Just make sure that the risk of back pain is minimized and that your body is in proper alignment.

Is the side sleep position good for you?

Sleeping on your side is the most common sleep position among people. When you are a kid, you spend the whole night sleeping in different postures and positions. But as you grow up, your choice to sleep on your side takes charge. With the aging process, your spinal cord starts losing its flexibility, and that’s why older people prefer side sleeping. The foremost benefit you get from side sleeping is that it keeps your spinal alignment healthy and prevents back pain.
This particular sleep position can be helpful if you have certain conditions like:
-If you are pregnant
-If you are suffering from indigestion issues, back pain, or sleep apnea

Best Sleep Position During Pregnancy

For expectant mothers, the best sleep position during pregnancy will be to sleep on their side and keep their knees bent. This position will help to relieve the belly pressure as it is growing. Moreover, it will improve blood circulation throughout the body and bring the heart to pump. Experts suggest sleeping on your left side because this prevents stress on your liver. Also, it promotes blood flow to the fetus, heart, kidneys, and uterus.
Possibly, you will feel some discomfort sleeping on your left side for long hours during pregnancy. If this happens, you must switch to the right side and release the pressure on your left hip. You may relieve the tension by putting a pillow under your belly, on your back, and between your legs. If you are having shoulder pain, and are worried about getting wrinkles, you should try this sleep position.

Best Sleep Position for Lower Back Pain

On average, 7% of people sleep on their stomachs. It is also known as the prone position, which can ease snoring issues but invite medical conditions. When you are sleeping in this position, it may cause lower back and neck pain. This sleep position may stress your nerves, leading to further nerve pain, numbness, or tingling as well. The best sleep position for lower back pain is to sleep on your side while keeping a pillow between your knees. For neck pain, side sleeping can be helpful as well. It may relieve the symptoms of neck pain and back pain. Take a thick pillow that you can put between the shoulder and the neck. When your neck comes into proper alignment with your spinal cord, it will prevent soreness and pain as well.
If you are a stomach sleeper and have lower back pain too, you need to break this habit immediately. When you can’t, just keep your forehead up on a pillow. It will put your spine and head in a neutral position, and there will be sufficient room to breathe.

Your Sleep position has a lot to do with your skin

Glowing skin not only requires good care but also a good amount of sleep. Sleeping on your back comes with both advantages and disadvantages. According to sleep experts, this is supine position. If you are the type who loves back-sleeping, then your skin is saved from future wrinkles. While you are lying on your back, your skin does not get in touch with the pillow surface. So, as far as the best sleep position is acknowledged for healthy skin, sleeping on your back gets the first position. The chances of having unwanted breakouts are also reduced. Avoid sleeping on your sides, it could upset your skin.
However, if you have health issues like lower back pain, sleeping on your back won’t be the best sleep position for you. This position can aggravate your existing lower back pain. For those who have sleep apnea or snoring issues, this position will worsen the condition.

Create a sleeping atmosphere with the perfect sleep position

As much as your sleep position is important, it is equally important to create the perfect atmosphere for sleeping. It does not take much effort to provide a good night’s sleep. What all you can do is:
Clean your sheets: Cleaning your sheets regularly can help to remove dust and reduce your chances of developing allergies.
Keep the room darker: It is advisable to use curtains to keep your room darker at night. This will help in promoting good sleep.
Keep distance from gadgets: Experts suggest that one should stop using cell phone or laptop at least one hour before bed time. Longer screen time is also to be negatively associated with quality of sleep.
Your bed position matters: Not only is your sleep position important, but also your bed position. When your bed is well-positioned, you can sleep well. So, keep it away from any distractions, such as your work desk or light that may affect your sleep.

Concisely, it takes a lot of time to adjust to a new sleep position. Just have patience, and provide your body with time so that it can cope with the new position. Among so many sleep positions, including soldier position, starfish position, fetal position, log position, and spooning position, pick your favorite one that restores your health.

Note: The article is meant for general awareness of the readers. If you or your loved ones are struggling to get a good sleep, consider an expert consultation.

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