Centigrade is the primitive title for Celsius. The name centigrade was acquired from the Latin originally meaning a hundred degrees. In 1742, when Anders Celsius designed his original scale, he selected zero degree for the boiling point and hundred degree for the freezing point. He called it centigrade. In 1948, Christians accepted this temperature scale in international agreement. They honored this Swedish scientist, who invented this temperature scale and named it Celsius.

What is Celsius?

The majority of celsius temperature scales are widely used and it is easy to understand. Celsius is a modern and most popular name of centigrade. The freezing point of water for celsius is zero degree centigrade (0℃), and boiling point of water is hundred degree Celsius (100℃).

The acronym of celsius is to degree centigrade (℃). This temperature scale was contrived by Swedish scientist Anders celsius in 1742 and named Celsius.

What is fahrenheit?

In 1974, a German born scientist Gabriel Fahrenheit made his imagination become reality. He made a new temperature scale and called it Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit is also a temperature scale and mainly used in the USA. The freezing point of water for fahrenheit is 32 degree fahrenheit and the boiling point of water is 212 degree Ferienhite. The acronym of a fahrenheit is to degree fahrenheit (°F).

What is the difference between Celsius, Centigrade and Fahrenheit?

Celsius, Centigrade and Fahrenheit all are temperature scales. All thermometer temperatures can be denoted in either Celsius or fahrenheit. Both scales have the same measure at -40 degrees.

To convert between Celsius or Fahrenheit you can use the following equation
℃ = °F - 32 × (5/9)
°F = ℃/(5/9) + 32
suppose we convert 32℃ to fahrenheit
then we use following formula
°F = ℃ / (5/9) + 32
= 32/ (5/9) + 32
= 32×9/5 +32
=288/5 + 32
= 57.6 + 32

Countries that use celsius

The immediate adherents of the metric scale and Celsius were the individual countries that used the Imperial system, such as the United Kingdom, India, and South Africa. These countries used Fahrenheit, a regal category of Temperature. In the mid 20th century, these countries decided to outshine the metric scale. In the present time the United States, Liberia and Burma are not utilizing metric systems. India moved in 1954, The UK in 1965 and Australia and New Zealand in 1969 respectively initiated using the metric system.

Countries that use Fahrenheit

Taking worldwide charge of the metric system, utmost countries – covering non-metric Liberia and Burma use Celsius as their official temperature scale. The United States, Belize, Palau, The Bahamas in the Cayman Islands use Fahrenheit as their official temperature scale. However, Fahrenheit is used in Canada occasionally. Although celsius is a common temperature measurement and it is the official Canadian temperature scale.


The Celsius scale was invented in the mid 18th century. It is part of the metric system and today's absolute regular figure of temperature calculation.

Due to widespread endorsement of metric scale, Celsius is massively applied worldwide and the authorised form of temperature measurements.

What is Centigrade to Fahrenheit?