About Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza

Brooklyn style pizza is one of Domino's popular pizza styles. Its main ingredient is the crust that makes Domino's Brooklyn-style pizza unique. It contains slightly less flour than the popular Hand Tossed Pizza from Domino's, making it popular with people who prefer less dough. Domino's claims that its staff stretches the dough to the right size and consistency for the perfect Brooklyn slice.

What special in Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza?

Toppings are varied on Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza, but the big difference between this pie and the other options on the menu is the crust, not the topping.  On its website, Domino's suggests starting with the classic tomato sauce and mozzarella options, but also letting the customer build their own pizza. Customers can also custom order any of Domino's specialty pizzas made with a Brooklyn-style crust. Customers can choose to cut a Brooklyn style pizza into six large slices and accommodate additional toppings.

How is the taste of Domino's Brooklyn style Pizza?

Naturally, Domino's Brooklyn-style pizza tastes very different from other pizzas. Brooklyn-style crusts are crunchy, but not as crispy as the chain's crunchy thin crust options. Domino's Brooklyn-style pizza is not made with garlic like other pizzas. Brooklyn-style pizza also has less cheese, but you can ask for extra cheese to make up for this deficiency.

You can enjoy sizable slices with Brooklyn style pizza and your favorite toppings.This delicious pizza goes well with classic tomato sauce and mozzarella or with garlic parmesan white sauce and lots of vegetables.

The Cost of Pizza

According to fast food menu prices, a large Brooklyn-style pizza at Domino's will cost you $9.99 while an extra-large pizza costs $11.99. The large Domino's Brooklyn pizza is large enough for three to five people and the extra-large for five to six people.  Its cost per serving is not easy to break down and at the moment there is no one else around that can compete with it. You can get discounts based on your local location through the Coupons section on the company's website, which includes both national and local promos. Split and pizza cost about the same as the slices you might see on the streets of New York City.

Nutritious in Brooklyn style Pizza

Domino's Brooklyn-style pizza has fewer calories, sodium, carbohydrates, saturated fat, and sugar than hand-tossed pizza. You can also make pizza nutritious in other ways, such as asking for a lighter cheese or sauce or avoiding some heavy toppings like bacon or pepperoni.


"Go big or go home" is the tagline on Domino's website for its Brooklyn Style Pizza, which is indicated in its menu item as a precise description. Exclusive to New York style pizza, Domino's Brooklyn Style Pie features sizable slices that customers can fold their pizza into and enjoy like a true Big Apple resident. Brooklyn Pizza is only offered in two sizes, large and extra large.  This classic pie is enough to please a crowd.

What is Domino's Brooklyn Style?