Heterosexual are sexually or romantically tempt to the opposite sex. Hetrosexual men are sexually or romantically tempt to women and hetrosexual women are sexually or romantically magnetized to men.

Other names for hetrosexual and related terms
People frequently practice the term "straight" instead of the hetrosexual.
Heteronormative -
This is a parameter that encourage the heterosexuality as the standard for privileged identities over others.
When you are romantically tempted to the opposite sex.
Heterosexual ally
When a hetrosexual person favor of people with other sexual identities.
Difference between heterosexual, homoSexual and sexualities
Heterosexuality is a general identification of sex, it is one of the many appraochable sexual identities. In addition to hetrosexuality which represent people who are sexually or romantically magnitize to the opposite sex.
● Homosexual
Attract same sex
● Bisexual
Attract more than one sex
● Aromantic  
Non romantic
● Polysexual
Attraction the people of different genders
● Heteroflexible
Tempt to people of the opposite sex and relevant attraction to people of the same sex.
● Homoflexible
Tempt to people of the same sex and relevant attraction to people of the opposite sex.

Heterosexuality is not fluid

Heterosexual people sometimes define with other sexualities during their lifetime. This is a common behavior - researchers consider that sexuality is a spectrum and its identity can change over time.

Heterosexuality is normal

Generally heterosexuality or straightness is a sexual identity for people who knew the other sexuality is a normal thing. However, the stigma of mere straight people being normal is not as good. It is natural and normal to recognise with whatever sexual identity you select.
Heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation
Some have religious belief that heterosexuality is the only sustainable sexual identity. Sometimes this belief gives direction to treatmnet like alteration remedy, where individuals to different sexual identities get counselling to heal homosexuality, bisexuality and other identities.


Heteroflexibility is a form of sexual identity or status and sexual behavior characterized by minimal homo sexual activity in an otherwise predominantly heterosexual identity which is thought to differentiate it from bisexual.  It is depicted as straight.


Elements concerned to the rise of heterosexual identities include genes, parental hormones and the texture of the brain and their interactivity with the environment. These are just a few of the many words used to describe different sexual identities. It is important to respect any individual's sexual identities and the tag they select, regardless of the identity of a large number of individuals. For example some people may identify primarily as heterosexual, but over time their sexual identity primarily changes. Others may identify it as related to sexual tempt but they may also form romantic or emotional relationships with members of the same sex.

What is hetero?