What is iPhone backup?

Backup software creates copies of the data on your phone in case you lose the original information or it gets damaged. There are different backup solutions to protect different types of data and even different types of devices, and here, we are to talk everything about iPhone backup.

What is backup?

When talking about PC and Mac, your files are only backup by taking snapshots of entire complex dish, and you can thus recover it to bare metal and a fully bootable state. Some solutions back up everything while others only backup files and folders. Moreover, backup systems are different for iPhones and other devices.

Why is it important to back up the iPhone?

We all know that our iPhone will fail or face problems or glitches someday. Unfortunately, every digital device experiences some problems, even smartphones, so the bottom line is it is essential to understand that if any of the failures in your iPhone lose your data and you do not back up, you lose so much. You cannot upgrade to an iPhone successfully without a backup, and in fact, it is recommended the first thing you should do before upgrading your iPhone is to take the iPhone backup. Also, it would be better to create a backup of your old iPhone so that once your new iPhone come; you can shift the complete data including photos, contact lists, or even recent conversations to it.

What are the ways to do iPhone backup?

You can backup your iphone in many ways. Different solutions are available, iCloud backup extractor and Itunes are offered by apple, other backup methods from third-party vendors. Both iCloud backup extractor and Itunes have advantages and disadvantages, but they are generally recommended.

IPhone backup to the icloud

With iPhones iCloud backup, you can automatically backup data to the cloud. All you need is a WiFi connection.
•    History of music, movies, shoe apps, tv, books purchased from Itunes store or ibook store or app store
•    Vidoes and photos, home screen , setting app data, SMS text, MMS messages and even ringtones.
To select the iPhone backup to iCloud, you have to go to the setting of your ios device in iTunes and select the iCloud backup option or choose directly from the IOS device itself. Backups can be performed automatically or manually, though anything purchased like music, books, or movies is not backed up. Still, they will be downloaded from the app, iBook, and iTunes store when you restore it from iCloud backup.
Though apple provides the user with 5GB of free cloud storage per apple id, one can quickly eat up the entire 5GB of storage if they are backing up the photos and videos, but you have the option to purchase extra iCloud storage with a fee. iCloud automatically syncs files. It has an automated sync, but it is not a proper backup because if you delete a photo from your iPhone, it cannot be recovered from the backup destination

Itunes backup

Most users are more familiar with Itunes because they use it to buy music, books, and apps from the apple store, for iPhone backup using iTunes, plug your iPhone into your Mac or Pc, open iTunes and sync your files using mac or pc. Itunes backups all your photos, images, files purchased, memo call logs, and calendar, application data, unlike iCloud, but you cannot copy files to the cloud by using Itunes.

IPhone backup extractor

    What does the iPhone backup extractor do?
You may wonder why you need an iPhone backup extractor if you already use iTunes and iCloud backup. It would help if you had an iPhone backup extractor because it can help you recover your file in a few clicks. It allows you to recover essential files without causing more data loss on the ones that exist. This feature of choosing only a few files to download from the backup without affecting the rest of the flies that are there is not in iTunes and iCloud backup.
•    Do you need an iPhone backup extractor if you have an iTunes backup extractor?
You would want to have an iPhone backup extractor even if you have iTunes backup because you will have the feature to recover the data you deleted if the deleted data is not synced to iTunes but is saved to iCloud.

How do you fix "iPhone backup failed"

Many people get the cryptic iPhone backup failed alert on their iPhones, but how can you fix this, and what does it mean? It means that the iPhone is not taking proper regular backup of your files to the iCloud

There are two simple ways to fix this problem-

Fixing iCloud backup

There are only a few reasons why iCloud backup would fail, and it generally happens when the Apple ID associated with your iPhone has run out of storage space, the solution would be buying more storage. Unfortunately, you will have to pay some monthly fees for this. Buying more space also has an additional benefit. For example, you can create a family sharing group from your apple device, and other family members can use your area without compromising data privacy. Another thing you can do if you do not want to buy additional storage is you can free up space in your cloud, either by removing data that is already taken up space or by backing up fewer data.

Enable iTunes backup

One thing you can do is that instead of backing up through iCloud backup, you can backup to your mac or pc. It will do it automatically if you have WiFi and your computer is on.
Disable iCloud backups and back up files manually
Though it is not recommended to disable automatic backup, you can still do this by going to settings and turning off iCloud backup. I recommend leaving this function to enable regular backup to a mac or pc with iTunes.


Now, I hope you have a better idea of how you should go about your iPhone backup and what kind of backup you should opt for according to your convenience. ITunes and iCloud are both good backups, except extracting the backup content can a tedious thus, there are so many options available it is on you what you select and how you go about it

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