What is not said

I think all human beings have had long monologues with ourselves.
We have addressed lucubrado about sorrows, joys, disappointments, decision making and an endless number of topics that would be difficult to list.
I don't think it happens to me alone, does it? I'm sure it happened to you, too. In fact, there is a well-known saying that says: “If the pillow will speak”. If your pillow will speak, more than one of us would be blackmailed hahahaha.
But thank God, the pillow is an inanimate object. So don't worry, he won't say what you think!
Returning then to our talk, this monologue is not exclusive to the night (although it is more frequent because we have already finished our work and it is activated because we are in rest mode), it can also happen at other times of the day, because our brain continues to operate these thoughts.
But my goal is not to evaluate the frequency or intensity of this monologue, but to analyze what we think and will never be spoken by our mouths.
You will take these thoughts, analyses or secrets to the grave, where no one will go looking for them.
It is an instinct of preservation at its highest level that safeguards “what is not said”,
I don't mean “keeping secrets” because they themselves try to discover themselves for years and often they succeed.
I want to go beyond the obvious, “what is not said” can be accompanied by a gesture, a smile, a whine or a tear.
It is anchored in the most hidden part of your soul, wishing not to be found. These thoughts have only one owner and it's you.
It is by your living will who decides to reveal them or not, they are where no one can reach them. Finally, I can conclude that “what is not said” is intangibly yours”

Lesbian Elena

#reflexion , #pansy #arcane , #you
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