Football is a popular game among people throughout the world. The country-wise, club-wise, continent wise and global tournaments take place almost at all times of the year. This 90 minutes game with a break of 15 minutes in between has remained the show of individual and team skills. The United States of America under the banner of the American Football Conference conducts a tournament every year, what we know as the AFC Championship Game. This tournament remains the largest professional league of football in America.

The origin of the AFC Championship game
The AFC Championship Game came into being with the merger of the two leagues of America in 1970. The first was the National Football league and the 2nd was the American Football league. The authorities decided to merge them into a single tournament and AFC Champion Game came into existence. The winner of the game gets a trophy named Lamer Hunt Trophy from 1984. The name of the trophy remains a tribute to the founding father of both AFL and the Chief of the Kansas city of Lamar Hunt.

The history of the AFC Championship Game
The first championship game took place in the year 1970, with the merger of two football leagues in America. Thereafter, this tournament continued its journey till today. The age of this tournament is more than 50 years and remains the longest continued tournament in history not only for America but for the entire world as well. A total of 26 teams from America participate in this tournament. Since this is a league-type tournament every team faces each other during the tournament. Every winning team for a particular match gains 3 points and the losing one gets a zero. If the particular match remains a draw, each of the two teams gets one point each. The maximum point holding team wins the trophy. The venue of the tournament does not remain the same but changes every year according to the results of the previous year. All the participant teams have their home grounds.

The Trophy
With time, the shape of the trophy has been changed several times. The present trophy is silver designed with an outline of football remains a small base. The great team of Kansas city remained the champion of 2020 and the tournament of 2021 has been deferred to a small extent due to covid. Almost all Television channels, especially, those related sports channels regularly cover the matches of the AFC Championship Game.

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What is the AFC championship game?