What is the font?

This is a realistic presentation of texts which features weight, color, and design. There are different types of fonts applied when typing according to one likes.

The font is described as a vivid description of texts that contain the following features; weight, color, design, and point size. When typing on the computer, some options allow you to change the font, which is in all the most used programs; word, excel, and word pad. The use of different fonts in a document helps to suggest different things for the reader’s understanding.

What is the use of fonts?

Fonts are used differently to add style to a page or a document. However, there are particular types of fonts regarded best for use in official documents to present a particular tone to the reader. For people who write essays for commercial use, it has been proven that using different fonts accordingly helps keep the reader engaged.

How can I identify fonts?

There are thousands of fonts used every day on web pages; identifying all of them can be challenging. However, you do not have to go back to the computer and confirm these different types of fonts, and there are both free and paid sites that you can use to identify the fonts as described below;

How to identify fonts on web pages

You can use several software to identify fonts, and an example is What font. This software can easily be accessed on the sites, and it requires that you use the download feature. To ensure that it is more effective and convenient for use, you should dray it to your browser extension. You should click into this software and copy-paste the text that you have got from the webpage.

How to identify fonts from images on the web page?

Just like identifying fonts in pages, you can also use the font software to copy-paste an image to identify fonts used in it.

Different types of fonts and their use
1.    Sanserif
For people who use screens for advertisement or passing any other kind of information, it is sharp and makes the reader’s attention grabbed by the screen.

2.    Mon spaced
This is a type of font whose letters and symbols fit the same horizontal space. You can set any layout depending on your document needs.

3.    Serif
This is one of the most ancient font types; graphic designers mostly use them to create logo designs. It makes a word or phrase look classy and bold.

4.    Display
Display fonts are best used in headings since they suit large blocks of words. Depending on your set size, you can use display fonts for both formal and informal documents.

5.    Script
Script fonts have to be large and bolding since most of them contain a block of texts. The fonts should be in different styles to ensure that effective readability is enhanced. It also makes the text be taken through very fast.

There are different types of fonts used in typing documents. You have the option to change fonts in all the Microsoft programs. The fonts are used to suggest different styles and tones in the document.