Original title: What is the function of the jacket of the stainless steel reactor? Stainless steel reaction kettle is generally a kettle-type reactor with a stirring device, which is a typical equipment commonly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, jacketed glass reactor ,molecular distillation systems, paint and other industries. The jacket also has the meaning of interlayer, which is mainly to introduce heating medium into the jacket to complete the function of humidification or heating in the kettle. There are many forms in the reaction kettle, such as jacket, outer half tube, inner coil and so on. Today, Xiaojin will introduce to you how to use the jacket of the stainless steel reactor? The jacket of the stainless steel reaction kettle is mainly selected according to the heat transfer. There are four common structures, namely: 1. There is a part of jacket on the barrel of the reaction kettle,rotary vacuum evaporator, which is suitable for the occasion with small heating area; 2. There are jackets on the upper part of the reactor body and the lower head (the most commonly used jacket structure with large heating area); 3, a jacket structure is adopt to realize that heat transfer effect of sectional control; 4. There is a jacket on the whole barrel of the reaction kettle, which is called all-enveloping jacket and has the largest heat transfer area. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

What is the function of the jacket of the stainless steel reactor? _ Heating