What is the RAE

#whatis The Royal Spanish Academy is a cultural institution that was created in Madrid in 1713 by its founders Juan Manuel Fernández Pacheco and Zúñiga, in order to support the Spanish Language.

The role of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) based in the city of Madrid is regulated by regulatory rules the Spanish language. According to its statutes, the Academy “has as its main mission to ensure that the changes experienced by the Spanish Language in its constant adaptation to the needs of its speakers do not break the essential unity it maintains throughout the Hispanic sphere.

The first task that was imposed by the newly created Royal Spanish Academy was the writing of a dictionary of our language and all this came true with the publication of the Dictionary of Authorities, edited between 1726 and 1739 and formed by six volumes, in whose prologue includes a brief history of the institution.

With three hundred years of history, the RAE has lived a total of thirty directors.

In 1993, the statutes were adopted, which remain in force today and have as its main objective “to ensure that the Spanish language, in its continuous adaptation to the needs of speakers, does not break its essential unity".

As a curious fact, it should be added that, since August 2011, the RAE reports and answers questions from social networks Facebook and Twitter using the tag #raequeries .