What is the range of home hair care products available in the market?

The range of home hair care products is considered the best for the hair growth journey. It balances, protects, rescues nourishes, and repairs one's hair. Most people have an idea if they encounter greasy, limp, or adverse hair on an everyday basis.

    Balance Sebum Control Shampoo: One will experience the feeling of the deeply cleansed scalp, free from sebum and dodged build-up. Tiolisina Complex fend off acne breakouts, dandruff, and inflammation due to heat. This also has ayurvedic components that ease itchiness or dryness.

    Sebum Control Tonic: The difference can be known when one gently deep cleans and purifies the scalp with natural components. Glycolic Acid contains AHAs to remove layers of dull, dry skin and unclog the sebaceous gland. Together, the Tiolisina Complex and Ayurvedic Mix will soothe your scalp and regulate sebum control to prevent clogged follicles, while also keeping your hair feeling fresh and exfoliate.

    Defense Hair Booster Shampoo: Hair strands will grow stronger and healthier, enhancing hair growth. It contains a mixture of Capsicum Fructescens, tea tree oil, and Arnica, which fights against premature fall of hair.

    Defence Regulating Pre-Shampoo: A blend of natural micro-granules from almond and hazelnut, the shampoo will scrape off the dead cells from your head smoothly. It supports the healthier growth of hair and treats the damaged mane, unlike any other product.

    Nourish Hair StemPlus On-the-grow Serum: It packs ten thousand stem cells per 1ml, which leaves one's hair smooth and makes it easy to clean at home. The serum provides abundant nutrition to the root of the mane and also enhances hair growth, repairs damaged cells, and rejuvenates follicles.

    Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit: This kit enhances your hair density, improves blood circulation in the head, and thickens the shaft. This ultimately leads to hair growth at a rapid rate. It easily gets percolated into your hair, due to the presence of nanosphere technology, giving you beautiful and exfoliating hair.  

    Rescue Dandruff Control Shampoo: Gentle, soothing, and cleansing shampoo to relieve the scalp of itchiness, dryness, or irritation caused by dandruff.

    Rescue Dandruff Control Tonic: Prevents dandruff and future irritations. It gently treats, repairs, and nourishes your hair in a go.

    Pro Repair Restore Shampoo: To treat brittle and weak hair, it provides smoothness to each strand of hair. The key ingredients include Biomimetic Keratin, a complex of 15 amino acids and more that makes your crown lustrous with every use.

    Pro Repair Conditioning Cream: Ensuring that one's crowning glory is back healthy, strong, and exfoliating, this conditioner contains the latest technology and natural actives such as Biomimetic Keratin, Olive Oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5 to safeguard your crown glory from UV rays and dust from outside. It will transform your hair into vibrant tresses.

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