What is the rarest blood type?

As a rare blood group, we know about the blood groups of the negative group. But is that so at all? Have you heard the names of ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘AB’ or ‘O’ blood groups? Ever heard of ‘Bombay Blood Group’ or ‘HH Blood Group’ with him? Be it heard or not, this blood group is but the rarest blood group in the world. This is because blood of this blood group is found in only four out of every one million people.

Although blood of other blood groups is available, it is very difficult to get blood of ‘Bombay’ blood group. Different blood groups are differentiated based on the type of antigen and antibody they contain. This is how blood groups ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘AB’ and ‘O’ are identified. There is also the ‘RH’ factor. The blood group was discovered in 1952 by the YG crowd in what was then Bombay. It was named the Bombay Blood Group because it was discovered in Bombay.

However, in medical terms it is called HH blood group. At the time of the discovery, it was found that the blood of this blood group contains an antigen called 'H', which has not been found in any blood group before. The specialty of the Bombay blood group is that those who have this blood group can donate blood to others, but cannot take blood of any other group by themselves. According to a survey, 0.001 per cent of the people in Mumbai have this Bombay blood group.

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