What is the smartest animal?

We know that humans are the most Smartest creatures on earth. But which is the most Smartest animal after man?

For some time now, based on research, scientists are claiming those dolphins are the most intelligent animals in the world after humans! Of course, there is a debate about this. Some scientists say, ‘We are confused when we see the smiling face of the animal!
Dolphins are not fish, they are mammals. It is thought that dolphins once lived ashore. Later on, seeing the unfavorable environment on the shore and the abundance of food in the water, they adapted to the water.
There are many species of dolphins in the world. Notable among these are the bottle-faced dolphins, the pink dolphins, the spinner dolphins, and the purpose. In our country, there is a species of dolphin - the porpoise. Earlier, they were often seen in different rivers including Padma, Meghna, and Shitalakshma. Due to river pollution, lack of adequate food in the water, and many other reasons, they are no longer seen. However, dolphins are still found in Karnafuli and coastal rivers.
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! The lost sailors find the locality by seeing the dolphins. Because dolphins like to be around people. The most interesting thing is that they are more friendly with children. Dolphins also have the intelligence to identify boys, girls, or children in humans. In many lands, dolphins are shown in oceanariums or water parks because they can imitate, understand different gestures or shapes. In addition, fishermen often take the help of dolphins in fishing in the sea. The intelligent creature chases the fish and leads it to the prison net. Dolphins have reached the shores of drowning sailors.
Most dolphin species are socialized. Swimming together, hunting together. Their main food is usually small fish, squid, and octopus. Baby dolphins stay with their mother for a certain period of time. After that, if you get used to hunting, it becomes different. Dolphins are great hunters too! Not to mention the killer whale dolphins. While hunting sea seals or penguins, they can jump to a height of about three meters.
Sadly, the number of these funny and useful animals is decreasing day by day. Water pollution, overfishing, and large numbers of dolphins are being killed every year by large ships. In order to save this human friend, it is important for everyone to be aware.

Dolphins are large aquatic animals that breathe air, in contrast to fish, whose functions provide gills. Sea dolphins stay in the water all 24 hours and this is where they give birth to small dolphins. Since females feed their young themselves, they are warm-blooded animals, mammals.

Unlike relative whales, dolphins are more beautiful animals. No one finds any naughty camouflage except for the sharp teeth in their intelligent and friendly looks. Thus, an adult dolphin can be 2.5 meters long, weighing only three hundred kilograms. Where a killer whale can be nine meters long and weigh up to eight tons. Males are always at least 20 centimeters taller than females. They have more than eighty teeth. The color of the stems and wings is black or gray, while the belly is white

The largest organ, the cetacean dolphin, has a brain that surprises dolphins while they are asleep. The brain allows the animal to breathe all the time, even when it is asleep: this way the dolphin does not drown because the supply of oxygen to the cetaceans is very important for life.

Scientists say dolphin skin is a natural miracle. This is their wealth! When dolphins calmly extinguish water turbulence, the body needs to be relaxed a bit.