What is the Wells Fargo Routing Number

Every bank-related financial transaction whether it is a direct deposit, credit transactions, paychecks or even withdrawing funds requires two important identity pieces without which the transaction or even your very registration for opening a bank account is impossible. And that is your account number and routing number/ABA. Now, the question is where would you go to have your financial dealings solved, and what routing number is needed.

How does Wells Fargo help its customers?

Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in America long known since 1852, with over 5,200 bank branches and 13,000 ATMs spread across the USA. Wells Fargo welcomes all who are looking for both local branch access and digital banking services. Hence, for many good reasons, Wells Fargo is an excellent bank to provide you with routing numbers.


Wells Fargo is open every 24-7 hours to support its user in a contingent time. And not the just bank or ATM itself, but every social website that is running for Wells Fargo is open for you.


For any reason, if you can’t make it to the bank, you are allowed to create a bank account online or contact their service at 1-800-869-3557 to clear any confusion.


Wells Fargo guarantees its customers and their funds' safety and security as their top priority by employing the latest and advanced security checks.
Wells Fargo routing numbers for ACH transfer
You may not have realized it, but every transaction that you’ve made including getting your pay to paying your bills, every single electronic or bank-to-bank transfer is an example of ACH transfer. In sending an ACH transfer to any Wells Fargo bank branch, you will need to include the ACH routing number. And for every domestic ACH transfer, the routing number differs from state to state.

Wells Fargo routing numbers in your area

   STATE                ROUTING    
Arizona     122105155
Arkansas     082000549
Idaho     123103729
Illinois-Northern      071904779
Illinois-Southern     081202759
Kansas     101000187
Kentucky-Northern   042100175
Kentucky-Western     083900363
Missouri     081000022
Missouri-Western    101200453
Montana     092900383
New Mexico    107002312
Oregon      123000221
Utah     124302150
South Dakota     091408501

How to double-check routing numbers in the Wells Fargo app?

Just follow through these simple steps and you can find the accurate routing number.
1.    Sign in to your Wells Fargo app
2.    Go to your account
3.    Tap “Show more details”
4.    lastly, click on “Routing numbers”
5.    There you go, These 4 steps will show your routing numbers for banking transfers.

How to find a routing number other than the Wells Fargo app?

There are certainly many ways other than the Wells Fargo app through which you can find your routing number.
1.    Your bank routing number is a 9-digit code, printed on the bottom-left of your bank cheque.
2.    It is also stated on your monthly statement.
3.    You may turn to call for customer service at Wells Fargo.
Better keep check of your routing numbers as they may differ depending upon where you last opened your account, the type of account you are using, and what type of ACH transfer are you referring to. Login to the Wells Fargo app for quick and accurate checking of your routing number and if you haven’t got a bank account yet, then what are you waiting for? The doors to Wells Fargo are open 24/7 just for you.
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