myblu," a new type of vape that has been gaining recognition thanks to TV commercials, announced that it will end sales in Japan on April 1, 2021. The company will announce the detailed end-of-sale date "as soon as the details are finalized.

What is a vape?

In order to accurately recognize myblu, it is necessary to understand what a vape is in the first place. A vape is an electronic cigarette in which flavored liquid is heated by passing electricity through a built-in circuit, and the resulting aerosol vapor is inhaled and enjoyed. Vape liquids distributed in Japan do not contain nicotine or tar. This is because the law prohibits the sale or transfer of nicotine-containing liquids in Japan. It is possible to import VAPE liquid for personal use, but there is a limit of 120 ml per month.

On the other hand, in the case of heated tobacco products such as iQOS, glo, and Ploom TECH, the vapor produced contains nicotine. The term "electronic cigarette" is a generic term for these heated cigarettes and vapes. They are used for different purposes: heated cigarettes are mainly used for nicotine intake, while vapes are mainly used for smoking cessation, smoking reduction, and relaxation. Although called electronic cigarettes, nicotine-free vapes are not, strictly speaking, cigarettes and are therefore not subject to tobacco tax. Many people have switched to vapes in order to quit the habit of smoking paper cigarettes, and vapes are also recommended as a smoking cessation aid, especially in Europe and the United States, where they are widely used.

What is myblu?

The myblu is used with a POD (pod) cartridge called a flavored pod, which is filled with flavored liquid. The liquid is then heated just like a regular vape, and the vapor is inhaled and enjoyed. The myblu is marketed by Imperial Tobacco Japan, a major cigarette manufacturer from the U.K. The myblu is a further development of the design and ease of use of the blu, which was launched in 2009. Some vape products require users to perform maintenance themselves, such as filling the vape with liquid and cleaning the vape body. However, the POD cartridge myblu can be handled easily and smartly even by those who are not familiar with vape. In addition, original flavors only available in Japan are also available, so it is easy to find a liquid that suits your palate.

How to use myblu

Vape vapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including box vapes, pen vapes, and pod vapes. There are also various differences in performance, and the use of each product differs depending on its features. In this paragraph, we will take a closer look at how to use the new myblu vape.

How to charge the battery

When shipped, the myblu's battery is charged to a certain degree, so it can be used as is. However, it is recommended on the official website to charge the battery to 100% before starting to use the myblu so that it will perform at its best from the first time you use it. To charge the myblu, first remove the myblu body and flavor pods from the package. Next, take out the included USB charger and plug it into a USB compatible charging port. When connecting this USB charger to the myblu body, you must be careful to ensure that the connection is parallel. A sustained red light on the tip of the unit is a signal that it is charging.

Charging is complete when the red light goes out. Note that the red light may flash at short intervals when the device is connected to the USB charger. In this case, remove the flavor pod from the device and wait 10 seconds before reinserting it. If this does not change the situation, the battery is defective or has reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced with a new one. In the case of an initial failure or a malfunction within the warranty period, contact customer service.

How to read the charge indicator

The remaining charge of the myblu's battery can be determined by what color light is on when you inhale. A blue light indicates that there is 20-100% battery remaining. Similarly, an orange light indicates 5 to 19% remaining, and a red light indicates 0 to 4% remaining. If the light turns red while in use, be sure to charge the battery promptly. It takes about 20 minutes to charge the battery to 100%, and one charge provides about 300 suction cycles, depending on the individual. The myblu can be used while it is charging. Please be careful not to leave the myblu in places with high temperatures or air pressure while charging, as this may cause the battery to deteriorate.

How to use the flavor pods

To use a flavor pod, select your favorite flavor, remove it from the package, and insert it into the main unit. When the flavor pod is firmly set in the main unit, you will hear a click sound to confirm that the flavor pod is properly set in order for the myblu to work properly. Once ready, simply inhale and the disposable pod device will start automatically. If the battery is fully charged, the light on the tip of the unit will turn blue when you inhale. When using myblu, be sure to check the battery level frequently. It is also important to take care not to smoke in high temperature or high pressure environments to prevent unexpected accidents.

Safety stop function

The myblu is equipped with two types of safety features: automatic safety stop and short circuit protection. In order to use the myblu safely while maintaining the normal function of the device, it is important to keep in mind what happens when the safety function is activated. First, the automatic safety stop function is a safety feature that is activated when the suction time exceeds 10 seconds at a time. The blue indicator light flashes 10 times, the unit automatically switches off, and then turns back on a few seconds later.

Second, the short circuit protection is a function that is activated in the event of a short circuit before or during use of the myblu. If a short occurs before use, the blue indicator light will flash three times before turning off automatically. If a short circuit occurs during use, the indicator light will blink five times before turning off the power. Note that the color of the indicator light that blinks when a short circuit occurs during use depends on the state of charge of the battery, and the color is not fixed as in the case of before use.

What is VAPE, What is myblu?