What is your talent and how do you use it for Yoors?


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Discover your talent at Yoors! I thought about the Yoors January2020 Challenge and the following came to mind. I'm trying to put it here as clearly as possible. We all have a talent here at Yoors. One is good at writing stories, poems, the other makes music or art. Another is good at cooking or taking pictures. I think we're already seeing a lot of nice things here on Yoors, but we could join forces and make a lot more use of each other's talents. Why don't we build fun projects, such as the musicians who could make a piece of music together, the artists a work of art together, photographers once in a while a photo gallery in a particular theme, the artists could also do that in a #yoorsgallery for example, the writers a play in combination with animation video, poets who make themed poems at certain days of the year, people who love cooking come up with a weekly menu, people who love beauty let those tutorials make step-by-step explanation videos how you apply a make-up or how to put nails, etc. People who love to crafts with each other here at Yoors 1x in the month or week jointly perform a craft assignment. The question is, what are your talents and how would you like to use them here on Yoors? Do you dare to take the step and face the challenge together? What would you do on Yoors that you really want to do with each other? When I look at myself, there are three things I'd like to do.

1. make a piece of music or think along with it. (Sometimes you can already be functional with a few musical tones, or with a piece of text.) I am especially curious how far we get, what happens?

2. create an art project with many people in a particular theme for example loneliness, love, and fill in.

3. Photo gallery in certain themes also seems cool to me.

So these are some ideas popping up in my head. I also think it's great to meet with a group online 1 x a week to spar about things. That could be anything. Music, art, writing, etc. I have done this once before from the #onlineyoorscafe But you could do something like that weekly. You inspire each other, share experiences, make plans. Hopefully the team of Yoors can do something with it or is a nice addition to it. Besides all these things, I also believe in a very strong #helpelkaar platform. I believe we are able to help each other where the help is needed. That can be from very small to very large projects. I believe very much in being able to achieve things together. I therefore very much encourage the beneficiary. We can really make that difference with Yoors.