What is your view: should cigarettes and liquors get banned in India?

Well, my answer is, of course, Yes! But is it practically possible? The answer is No! In India, it is not possible. Every year millions and millions of Indians die due to cancer and other health issues caused by liquors, and when it comes to the casualties due to cigarettes, the number becomes too high.

Due to cigarettes not only the person who is smoking suffers but also several people surrounding him suffer from lung diseases. But in a country like India, completely banning such harmful products is not possible. Also, banning them is not a permanent and effective solution in India. In my opinion, here are the reasons Why cigarettes and liquors get banned in India.

Reduction in Crime Rates

It was seen in many parts of the country and the world that in areas where liquors are banned, the public witnessed fewer crimes. This leads to overall reduced crime rates. Women's safety is much better in such areas.


A lot of family income and a major part of salaries are wasted on liquors and cigarettes. Banning them will save thousands and thousands of money every month for millions of families. This leads to better health and standard of living in the area.


Various surveys and experiences told us that a major number of accidents happen due to the intoxication of various liquors. Banning them will not only save the lives of thousands of people but also make the driving experience much better.

Domestic Violence

Cigarettes, liquors, and other harmful products are the major reason behind domestic violence. They are also one of the common reasons behind suicides. A complete ban on such products will bring happiness and prosperity to thousands of families and the life of millions of people.

These are some reasons why things like cigarettes, liquors, etc should be completely banned in India. Now let's see some reasons why governments avoid banning them completely.


Liquors are one of the major sources of government's income, and overall revenue from such things is in the billions. Government charges the highest percentage of tax on liquors, so a complete ban on them will lead to the loss of billions every year.


Millions of people are directly and indirectly employed in this sector. Cigarettes, liquors, and tobacco companies have thousands and thousands of o employees. So banning such products can swallow millions of jobs and will rapidly increase employment.

Huge Population and Area

India is a vast country by population and is both, and most importantly it is a highly diverse country. So banning any product all across India is almost next to impossible, and banning them forcefully may lead to corruption, illegal development, fake products, and other serious issues.

Instead of banning them, making a central policy coordinated with the state's policy will help a lot in the fight against such harmful products.

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