What entrepreneurial lessons have I learned recently? This question was recently asked to me.

Jeez! That's just a thought. Or not, really.

The life lesson I've given my children during their lives is honesty. Always stay honest. Because the truth will come out sooner or later.

I also include that piece of 'wisdom' in my business. And especially on social media. Life isn't always sunshine and sunshine. So you don't always have to show that on social media either. You can also show the downsides. That only gives you even more confidence in you.

If something doesn't work out or someone isn't satisfied, that's okay. After all, you can learn from that. Even now, at children's parties and workshops, I always ask how they experienced it. And that if they didn't like something or if they missed something, they can also say honestly.

Fortunately, I've only experienced it a few times and did something about it. Which, in turn, was well received.

What is your (entrepreneurial) lesson that you have learned?

What lesson did you learn?