The dazzling blue gemstone aquamarine derives its name from the Latin phrase ‘Aqua Marinus,’ which means water of the sea. Of all the blue-colored gemstones, aquamarine stands apart because of its vibrant greenish-blue color. The gemstone has a sound historical position and great significance in royal jewels. At present, you can find aquamarine studded in many trending jewelry pieces but having aquamarine of size in a pendant is something that can take your styling sense to the next level. Let us find out what makes an aquamarine pendant necklace the first choice for a jewelry lover.  


With a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, aquamarine is a suitable gemstone for making everyday-wear jewelry pieces. Because of its good hardness, it looks sparkling and glittering for a comparatively longer time. Although aquamarine is not totally immune to scratches and damages, gentle care can keep it shiny and clear for a long time. Hardness makes it easier for lapidists to engrave it into a jewel without the risk of damaging the gemstone.


Like seawater, which shows different shades of blue, aquamarine also comes in shades ranging from pale blue to greenish blue. The resemblance of aquamarine with the color of seawater makes it a perfect gemstone for jewelry you can wear at a beach party. Your aquamarine necklace will surely grab the attention of everyone at a poolside or beach party. Other than this, if you are looking for a pendant necklace that can go with your office attire, then you can go for an aquamarine and diamond necklace.  

The Rich History

Another important reason for you to choose aquamarine for your pendant is that it has a rich history. So whenever you wear this gemstone, it feels like you are wearing the legacy of your ancestors. Queen Elizabeth also had this gemstone in a tiara in her personal jewelry collection. Many other notable aquamarines have a rich history, making aquamarine a symbol of nobility. To team up your attire and any other jewelry, you can choose an aquamarine pendant which will give your appearance a noble touch.

Choice Of Celebrities

While choosing trendy outfits and jewelry, we always follow the league of influencers and celebrities and aquamarine has always been a choice of celebrities. This is another good reason to choose aquamarine for your pendant. Jessica Biel showed off her aquamarine earrings and bracelet at the Oscar Awards 2014. Jill Zarina flaunted her giant aquamarine ring. Many other celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, showcased their aquamarine jewelry at many events. So you can choose an aquamarine stone necklace to shine like a celebrity on every occasion.

All these factors make aquamarine a perfect gemstone for the pendant. You can wear a pendant all day and a well-crafted one can go with all your attires. So shine with an aquamarine pendant necklace with a secret message to save water and to go green.