IV is the Roman numeral for four. Roman numerals arose as a numeral system in Ancient Rome and thus developed the common method of writing numbers everywhere in Europe by the end of the Middle Ages. These numbers are derived from Latin alphabets and are characterised by additions of letters. There are seven symbols in the latest formation with an assigned integer value.

Symbol         value
      I                   1
     V                   5
     X                 10
      L                 50
      C               100
      D               500
      M             1000

The practice of Roman numerals continued even after the fall of the Roman Empire.
The use of Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals gradually increased from the beginning of the 14th century, but in few cases regular to this day.

Roman numerals are frequently seen on clocks. In 1852, a clock was designed with Roman numerals to show the hours from 1 to 12, which was written as
The Roman Numerals IV can read out one less than five means 4 and IX can be read out as one less than 10 means 9.

IV Roman numeral
IV Roman numerals can be noted as numbers by adjoining the altered Roman numerals.
IV = 4
The higher roman numerals come before the lower numerals resulting in the correct translation of IV Roman Numerals.
IV = V - I
IV = 5 - 1
IV = 4

How to write IV Roman numerals?

The numerical value of IV Roman Numerical be acquired by applying any following two orders -
Method 1: Split the roman numerals into individual letters and write numerical figures of each. Now add or subtract them.
IV = V - I
IV = 5 - 1
IV = 4
Method 2 : examine the groups of roman numerals for add or subtract -
● IV = 4
The numerical value of IV roman numerals is 4.
Example 1 -:
Question - Find out the quotation between IV and II
Solution -
Roman numeral IV is 4 and II is 2. After dividing IV by II that is 4 ÷ 2,
The quotation is 2.
2 = II
IV ÷ II = II
Example 2 -:
Question - Write down the answer when we sum XV and IV Roman numerals
solution -
Now, X + IV
= 10 + 4
= 14
The sum of X and IV roman numerals is XIV.
Example 3 -:
Question - What will the product of Roman Numerals IV and V.
Solution -
IV is 4 and V is 5
= IV × V
= 4× 5
= 20
= XX
V × IV = XX
Example 4 -:
Question - Write down the difference between Roman Numerals VIII and IV.
Solution -
Roman numerals VIII is equal to 8 and IV is 4
= 8 - 4
= 4


Roman numerals are individual methods of numerical symbols that were frequently exercised by the Romans. The Roman numeral is an add or subtract activity where alphabets are applied to decided numbers and arbitrary numbers in the number system. Roman numerals are written and read from highest to lowest and left to right. Roman numerals are described as a different conjunction of science comprising English alphabets.

What roman numeral is IV?