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What's For Dinner Today?

Dinner time has arrived (well, okay, not exactly, but it will) and with it an endless number of preparations that are delicious, easy to make, and very cheap; but at the same time they must be healthy and light to avoid gaining extra pounds. Healthy dinner meals are simply special because you have to take into account the portions and never fall into excesses.

When you want to prepare healthy dinner meals, do not forget that it is better when you use quality ingredients, as well as incorporate the exact amounts to avoid overeating.

Delicious and Cheap Meals For Healthy Dinner

If you are looking for some delicious meals for a healthy dinner, then you should try these recipes, which are ideal to pamper yourself in the evening hours. So take a pencil and paper and start reviewing which are the best and cheapest meals for a healthy dinner.

Being the last meal of the day, the function of dinner is to contribute to a good rest.

So, I have divided the recipes into veg and non-veg so we can all enjoy:



Non-Veg Recipes

Paprika Chicken Skewers
Chicken is undoubtedly one of the richest and most consumed proteins, in this case, some delicious skewers will be made for dinner, which can also be eaten for lunch, they are perfect to accompany a salad with fresh vegetables.

- A chicken breast
- Juice of one lemon
- A dash of olive oil
- Mustard
- A touch of sweet paprika
- A touch of spicy paprika
- cherry tomatoes
- Green paprika
- Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation mode
1. You should start by washing the chicken well, then cut it into bite-size pieces
2. Place the pieces in a bowl and add the salt and pepper, then the lemon juice, add the olive oil and mustard, mix well and then add the two paprika
3. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil and then take it to the fridge for a few minutes
4. It is time to soak the skewers, cut the peppers and other vegetables; all equally to the chicken
5. It is time to make the skewers, for that alternate the chicken pieces with the peppers and the pieces of vegetables
6. Once the skewers are ready, then add oil to a pan and proceed to cook them until they are golden brown on the inside
7. Remove and place them on a plate on absorbent paper to remove excess fat
8. Serve with vegetable salad and white rice


Grilled chicken with vegetables

A delicious chicken with vegetables can become one of the most delicious healthy meals, not only because it is tasty, but also because it has some nutrients that are perfect for people who want to lose weight. In this case, they will be accompanied by some mixed vegetables to make dinner a delicious moment.

- Assorted chicken pieces
- A touch of dried and ground oregano
- Salt and pepper to taste
- Two onions
- Three bell peppers
- Large carrots, two units
- Three large potatoes
- Zucchini
- Olive oil

Preparation mode
1. You must start by cleaning the parts of the chicken well, it can be the breast and the thighs, you remove the fat
2. Then you place them in a bowl and add the dried and ground oregano, as well as a touch of salt and pepper to taste
3. Let it macerate for a few minutes in the fridge
4. In the meantime, you can remove the skin of the carrot and potatoes to chop them into a stick
5. Proceed to chop the peppers and onions
6. Pour the vegetables into a pan, also proceed to chop the zucchini, and mix everything together with olive oil
7. Let everything fry very well for a couple of minutes
8. Add a little oil to the grill and place the pieces of chicken that were marinated
9. Allow them to cook very well for a few minutes and on both sides
10. Once ready, then it is important that you remove them and serve
11. Place the vegetables on top and accompany with boiled potatoes


Chicken broth with vegetables

The broths can also be left for dinner, it is a healthy dinner meal, they are also perfect for those who have had an exhausting day, and even for those who don't feel good from their stomach. All you have to do is have various vegetables and mix them with tasty chicken to make a delicious soup.

- Two large potatoes
- A couple of large carrots
- Salt and pepper to taste
- A pinch of dried and ground oregano
- Zucchini
- A portion of pumpkin
- Assorted chicken pieces
- A pinch of chopped coriander

Preparation mode
1. In a saucepan with water, add the chicken pieces along with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste
2. Then you can remove the skin from the vegetables and chop them into pieces
3. Once ready, then proceed to add them to the saucepan with water and let them cook
4. Allow them to soften a little and then add the extra salt and pepper, as well as the touch of dried oregano
5. Let everything cook, you can add an egg and let it cook in the broth
6. At the end, just serve with a touch of chopped coriander


Veg Recipes

Light pasta salad for dinner
Salads at healthy dinner times are excellent options, so they can be made with what you have at home, in addition, they allow diners to enjoy them with white rice and if they eat chicken or tuna, if not vegetarian, they can also do it.

- a large carrot
- A quarter of a kilo of pasta
- A touch of light mayonnaise (with or without egg)
- An onion
- A touch of mustard
- a paprika
- A touch of dried oregano
- A potato
- Salt and pepper to taste
- A portion of corn
- Two eggs (optional)

Preparation mode
1. Start by washing the vegetables well, then cut them into not very large pieces
2. Place the eggs in a saucepan to parboil them (the egg is optional)
3. Add the vegetables to a separate saucepan with water and a little salt to cook until they are soft
4. Prepare the pasta in the traditional way.
5. When ready, then proceed to place the ingredients in a large bowl to start mixing
6. Remove the vegetables from the heat and wait for them to cool before pouring them into the preparation
7. Join the vegetables, chop the onion and finish joining the other additives, and mix
8. Serve with a touch of chopped coriander on top

Delicious lentil burgers for dinner

At dinner time you can get creative, so much so that you can taste some delicious lentil burgers, which are ideal to be accompanied by lettuce and chopped tomatoes. You can also leave them for the children's snack, it is a very light recipe that you cannot miss.

- A quarter of a kilo of semi-cooked lentils
- A touch of dried and ground oregano
- Salt and pepper to taste
- A little olive oil
- A touch of wheat flour

Preparation mode
1. In a large bowl, add the semi-cooked lentils and mix with the wheat flour, then add the dried and ground oregano and begin to completely unite
2. Then include a pinch of salt and pepper to taste
3. Pour olive oil in a pan and let it heat up, try to spread it over the entire surface
4. Once hot, proceed to form the hamburgers with the lentils, you can crush them with the help of a fork to make a softer dough
5. It is time to form the hamburgers of the size you want
6. Place them on top of the pan and let them cook for a few minutes
7. Cook them on both sides, then place them on a large plate to serve with whatever you want


Cream of Celery with Coriander
Soft creams are ideal to taste whenever you want, in this case, it is a mixture of celery. You can accompany it with a touch of coriander or chopped parsley to make the preparation unique and different. It is a healthy dinner meal that cannot be missed when you want to taste a healthy and fresh idea.

- Half a kilo of celery
- A touch of coriander to decorate
- Parsley
- An onion
- One red bell pepper
- A touch of dried and ground oregano
- A pinch of salt and pepper to taste
- Water amount needed

Preparation mode
1. In a saucepan add the celery and let it cook in a sufficient amount of water along with a pinch of salt
2. After it starts to boil you can add the onion in pieces and the peppers also in pieces
3. Let everything cook for a few minutes until softened
4. When they are soft, then remove them from the heat and let them cool for a few minutes
5. Add the preparation to a blender and mix to form the cream of celery
6. It is time to pour into the serving cup, sprinkle with a touch of cilantro or chopped parsley on top


Tips For Making Healthy Dinner Meals

When making some healthy dinner meals, it is important that you keep in mind some tips that will make the recipes more delicious and healthy. Please note the following:

- Use fresh ingredients
- Wash the vegetables well to avoid leaving dirt on them
- Allow the vegetables to cook well in a saucepan with water and salt
- Remove excess fat from the pieces of chicken meat
- In the case of not having many spices at home, you can use a touch of dried and ground oregano; It is more than enough
- Try to avoid processed sauces, it is better if they are made at home
- Make sure the meat you use is cooked well

Healthy dinner meals are many and with the most varied flavors, they can all be made at home in a very simple way, the ideal is to look for some ingredients that are fresh, in the case of salads, in order to make everything healthier.

If you want to try a healthy dinner recipe, these are the best options, also, if you want, you can leave them to eat at lunch, so that at all times you have at your disposal some delicious culinary ideas that you will not be able to resist.

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