What time is it in Chicago?

What time it is in ChicagoEager to discover the beautiful places in Chicago? With the ticket on hand and luggage all packed, stepping on the plane and calling your flight a successful journey does make your trip an “Easy come and easy go”. But is that all you need for a perfect vacation in Chicago?
Think about what’s precious to your right now, this time, this gathering with friends and family, this whole new experience of a trip to another country should be perfect. Of course, you rarely get such an ideal vacation offer, and above all to spend it with your friends and family is a great memorable trip, then why not pre-plan your trip for the best?

How to plan your trip

Learn more about Chicago beforehand to finalize your target spots and areas. It will not only save you time but, also avoid any major or minor incidents. Take a look at these steps, and plan your destinations accordingly.
•    Always book a guesthouse or hotel stay depending upon the number of days your stay is and the number of members joining the trip.
•    Make sure to pack every necessary object first and then create openings for extras.
•    You should know what seasonal changes are in Chicago and wear your outfit accordingly.
•    It is better to list the places you want to see.
•    All of it should be under your budget. Check twice before you strive for the show.
Now that we’ve read the points let’s skip over to the exciting part, which is the list of famous places to visit in Chicago.

Famous Tourist attraction sites in Chicago

1.    Millennium Park

The birthplace of “Cloud Gate”, a 110-tonne architect, polished with a mirrored-like stainless steel surface,  reflecting upon its surroundings and every object that passes by it.
This place is also named, “Art in the Park” which sounds unreal, but it is true because right here is also the Crown foundation which interprets and shows the appearance of water flowing from the mouths of Chicago citizens.

2.    The Navy pier

The Navy pier serves as an amusement park but, on the other hand, it is also facilitating ships and boats every year it sends out cruise ships on various excursions. Here you can find all from foods and beverages to arts and museums. Navy pier is a great site to fill up your tummy, read about the ancients, buy souvenirs, and visit the rich Crystal garden. Make sure to come here next year If you missed out on the event.

3.    The Willis Tower Skydeck

The last place you would want to visit is the Willis Tower Skydeck, previously known as 110 Story Sears Tower was the World’s tallest skyscraper. Now, even though many buildings have reached their heights above this, the Willis Tower Skydeck still shines upon its name. You can get the bird’s eye view of Chicago from here.
Don't skip out on these places and plan your directions wisely as there are yet many more for you to see.
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