What to Do in Florence in Summer

To find out what to do in Florence during the summer you should get acquainted with the activities that this Italian city offers. The main thing to do in Florence is to visit monuments and works of art in the center of the historic city in any season.

Florence is one of the most visiting cities in Italy. The beauty of this city is seen in the world as the center of the Renaissance. The importance and beauty of many works of art in Florence are also of concern to UNESCO, an international organization responsible for protecting world heritage. Florence is one of the cities in the world that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site simply because of its artistic heritage.

Those who visit Florence in the summer have the opportunity to do many more things than the ancient tour dedicated to the arts. Good weather and warm weather allow us to plan a trip to nature.

A few miles from the Florence Historic Center there are hills where everyone can walk for a safe ride. Where natural beauty is replaced by ancient works represented by churches, palaces, castles and medieval villages.

On these trails, you will appear to fall into a completely different world compared to the daily life of the modern world. The time in these places seems stagnant and you can see the ancient feeling in times of relaxation and great beauty.

In the foothills of Florence in addition to hiking, no one can miss a stand at one of the most popular pubs, the restaurants in the Chianti highlands offer unusual dishes and fine Tuscan wines.

Another stop to be done is on holiday farms in the hills of the Chianti area; At these farms, you can buy local wine, oil, meat and high-quality cheese. All these products are made according to ancient Tuscany traditions and are characterized by unique and strong flavors.

After admiring the beauty of the art and immersing yourself in the tranquility of the hills and nature, full of delicious food and wine, Florence has additional activities to offer guests in the summer. The long and hot days allow for fun and in a very different nightlife.

Florence on a summer night offers many opportunities, along with all sorts of wishes. Many of the buildings in the Old City: restaurants, vineyards, bars, nightclubs, pubs and lounges on the streets and squares of the old city are full of people and entertainment.

Each area becomes a meeting place for Florentines and tourists, creating a pleasant nightlife. The night lasts longer, for those who want to continue the fun than the clubs that stay open until sunrise, where you can drink any kind of unrestricted liquor and dance to the beautiful music.

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