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What To Draw When Bored.... 10 tips...

Did you ever felt bored and didn't know what you wanted to draw? Did you search for some inspiration?

In my life, as a parent, the sentence: "I don't know what to draw." showed up on a regular base.

So I decided to make a little book (PDF File) with ten tips to draw and when finished drawing, it's even more fun because with a little crafting, a booklet in which the drawings can be used to accompany a story can be made.

The drawings can be made easy or difficult as you or your children like it.

You can download the PDF File by clicking the picture



The PDF File contains ten suggestions to draw... once you finished the ten drawings, you can cut them out and glue them at the places marked in a story about a little mouse. When you've glued them all in place, you have a unique booklet with your own drawings that accompany the text.

Print this file by clicking the button and never be bored again...


Go to the PDF File to see the 22 pages without the blurring.

The front and the back for making the booklet you can download here:

Front & back

Sneak peek...

The tips


The book


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Looking for the Dutch version of the booklet? You can find it here...

Looking for the Spanish version of the booklet? You can find it here...

Hope to see your creations in the comments...

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