What to draw when bored

There are several things that you can put down and represent in the form of a drawing. This is the best way to engage your mind and spend your time.

You are being alone and failing to know to do what are the most exhausting things. You can enjoy several things when alone, and you do not have to be the income of someone else to do something different from what you are used to and something that you will enjoy. The best thing that you can engage in when bored is trying out drawing. More details on how to go about this are provided below.

Types of drawing that you can try out
1.    Doodle art
2.    Cartoon sketch
3.    3D wall
4.    Heart
5.    Rose
6.    Pineapple

Materials to use when drawing
· Quality Drawing Pencils. A Sketchbook
· A Good Pencil Sharpener
· Charcoal
· Drawing Pens / Ink
· Blending Stumps
· Quality Drawing Surface
· Variety of Erasers

Purposes of drawing
One enjoys much significance from drawing; there are aims that you can accomplish through drawing and provide below.

1.    Drawing to record information
Some people consider the art of drawing as a manner of recording information. This may be a series of significant events happening in their lives; most people think of drawing to ensure that they keep this critical information in the form of art that they can only understand. Most people who draw to record information mostly have the following records of drawn art; expressing feelings and emotions.

2.    Drawing as expression
Some people tend to have ideas piled up in their minds and never seem to develop a solution on how to execute this. The best thing that these people consider doing is making sketches of what they feel and think. People who are excellent at drawing have unique ways of solving solutions and executing plans in their lives.

3.    Drawing to tell a story
Have you ever heard of people who tell stories through art? This is what drawing is all about for people who do carton sketches can advise and represent a whole story by doing different pictures. Telling a story through illustration can be the simplest way to attract an audience if you do this for commercial purposes. This is because drawing s tends to attract an audience more compared to text. Also, people tend to be fascinated a lot by the creativity that people put into place to develop the drawings. In print journalism, telling stories in the form of pictures has been held relevant and considered one of the ways to attract a reader.

4.    Drawing for imagination
Most of us tend to be deep in thoughts, imagining different things in our lives. This may be about your future or even something that is already in progress in your life. Drawing about it would make things easier and solve the puzzle if you tend to be so caught up in thoughts by such things.

Drawing is one of the activities that translate hand skills to engaging the brain. All you need for good drawing s are few beginner drawing tools and tutorial videos for perfection.