Many of us will be spending the Easter holiday away or virtually with our families this year. While you'll still likely do an Easter egg hunt and special dinner, the night might wrap up a little earlier than usual. So, as you and the fam start to unwind, grab a handful of chocolate eggs (or a whole chocolate rabbit we won't judge) and queue up one of the best Easter movies on Netflix. Whether you want to learn, laugh, or cry, there's a streamable Easter movie for you, in fact, the options we've picked out range from a visual interpretation of the Bible to animated movies kids will love.

This sweet live-action/animated film (starring Russell Brand as the voice of E.B., the son of the retiring Easter Bunny) is full of springtime shenanigans that critics say both parents and kids will enjoy.

The Gospel of John
The first in a series of four, this film from director David Batty is a word-for-word visual adaptation of the Bible's Gospel of John. You can catch its counterparts. The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of Mark, and The Gospel of Luke on Netflix, as well.

An Interview With God
If you're looking to feel all the feels this Easter Sunday, try queuing up An Interview With God. This emotional drama follows jaded war reporter Paul Asher as he sits down for an interview with a man who claims to be God.

Monty Python's Life of Brian
This classic (albeit controversial) comedy was finally added to Netflix in 2018, which means it's readily available for your Easter Sunday entertainment. Although it's less faith-based and more satirical, it'll have your whole family laughing 'til all the chocolate eggs are gone.

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