The pregnancy stage is a stressful one and a precious time because the position requires more rest and time to watch some movies that will take the time to make sense. Being pregnant is hard work and a careful business that every woman must notice which means you deserve a relaxing couple of hours off your feet and on the sofa.pop some Kernel's, grab the tissues, and press play. Whether you want to learn, laugh or cry butts crying for a pregnant woman is not good for our health so we have gathered up some of the best pregnancy movies for you to watch while you are expecting

Father of the Bride
This movie is the best movie of all time and for those of you that loved the father of the bride, this follow-up is for the pregnant you. The happiest thing about this movie is all the favorite characters return in this hilarious Steve Martin comedy. This film follows George as he prepares to become a father for the third time later in life, and at the same time is getting ready to become a grandfather for the first time, which is something he has been picturing since he was small. This is a heart-warming film that focuses on family relative friends fatherhood and the ups and downs of pregnancy. Watch this movie and have a happy story.

To watch when your pregnancy hormones are skyrocketing, this film will undoubtedly bring on the tears. Juno is a high school student facing an unplanned pregnancy because it shocked her for something she's not expecting at the particular time in school. you can search to find the perfect adoptive parents for a homerun child to know what happened at the end.

The Letdown
Romantic comedy motherhood is beautiful but can also be a very tough one. The Australian Audrey is well informed of that and finds support in a discussion group for young parents. Audrey is the mother of a two-month-old baby. She does not want to be defined by motherhood but she found out that this is pretty difficult.

Nine Months
Romantic comedy sam is a great one and he is doing well. He loves his girlfriend (Julianne Moore), runs a successful industry, and drives a fabulous and fantastic car. But when his girlfriend turned out to be pregnant it doesn't feel that great anymore because everybody thinks the plan has changed but he has 9 months to get used to the idea of becoming a daddy and you know the funny part of it to become a daddy is not easy it is a full load and sweet realms.#whattowatch

What to watch in pregnancy