Korean drama or better known as K drama has gained its popularity after the amazing success of a thrilling series, Squid Game. Since then many people have started to watch kdrama. There are a ton of excellent Kdrama series on various platforms which might lead you to think which one to start with. If you are a beginner into the world of amazing Kdrama then this article can help you find a good one.

Here we have listed some of the best Kdramas including newly released as well as some good old ones too. . You will enjoy dramatic separations to love triangles to horror and some are based on real stories. There are different kinds of Kdrama for different kinds of people.

Crash Landing on You

Directed by Lee Jeong-Hyo, this amazing drama was released in the year 2019. This is a love story of a South Korean beautiful heiress Yoon Se-Ri as(Son Ye-Jin)and Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun Bin) who is a handsome army officer in North Korea. The story revolves around a beautiful heiress who lands in the North Korea portion of the DMZ and an army caption helps her hide. The chemistry between the two is adorable and the adventure they both go through will keep you hooked throughout the show.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

A funny show directed by Park Joon-Hwa that will make you laugh. It was released in 2018 but still is a hit among kdrama lovers. The leads were Par Seo-Joon as (Lee Young-Joon) who is the vice-chairman of a huge corporation & ParkMin-Young as (Kim Mi-So) who is a secretary working for him for 9 years. The story takes a turn when the secretary announces her resignation and Lee decides to do all he can to keep her working for him. The storyline is again very cute and you will love how the two heal each other of their past traumatic experience of being kidnapped.

The Uncanny Counter

The director of this amazing kdrama is Yoo Son-Dong, it was released in 2020 the main leads were Jo Byeong-kyu as(So Moon), kin Sejeong (Do Ha-Na), Yoo Jun-Sang as(Ga Mo-Tak) & Yeom Hye-Ran as(ChooMae-Ok). It’s a story about young noodle shop employees who work during the day but are demon hunters at night. The show has everything from thrill to drama, romance, comedy, and mystery. The show will turn into addiction from the very first episode and you will feel attached to each of the characters as you move forward. The show feels natural as you see these young people use their powers to hunt the demons.

True beauty

This kdrama is a lovers’ quarrel and is directed by Kim Sang-Heyop. The lead roles are played by Moon Ga-Yeong (Lim Joo-Kyung), Cha Eun-Woo (Lee Su-Ho), and Hwang In-Youp (Han Seo-Joon). The show was released in 2020 and is one of the most-watched K dramas right now. A major trivia of the show is that Cha Eun-woo is a Kpop idol, actor, and model. He is under the label of Fantagio and is in the group called ASTRO which makes this show a super hit. The show is about a high school girl who is preserved as ugly but transforms herself into a diva after mastering the art of makeup. She has the school’s heartthrob as well as the bad boy of the school fall hard for her. You will have to watch it to find out whom she picks. This show is not like other K dramas where a boy meets a girl and falls in love. It has a hidden message, it shows how love is not about looking pretty and how you should not regret the choices you make in life. It shows the importance of accepting yourself and respecting everyone. The show will make you cry and laugh at the same time. You will enjoy the strong and independent characters in the show and have fun watching them deal with life’s issues.

All of us are dead

This is one of the top K dramas right now. There have been many zombie series in the past but this one shows a strong bond between friends and sacrifices you make for friends. The show has Park Solomon as (Lee Su-Hyeok), Choi Yi-Hyun as (Choi Nam-Ra), Park Ji-Hoo as (Nam On-Jo), Chang Yong-Yoon as(Lee Cheong-San) and Yoon In-Soo as (Yoon Gwi-Nam). The story is about a zombie apocalypse that starts in high school and how the students manage to survive by sticking together, planning their escape while caring for each other. The show is full of mixed emotions. It will keep you guessing on who is going to survive till the end. This one is a must-watch if you want to start watching Korean drama.

What to watch Korean drama