1. The Hunt for Gollum (2009)

Sauron is getting ready to release his armed forces and Gollum is crawling around Middle Earth with urgent information on the Ring's area. He should be found.

Chief: Chris Bouchard | Stars: Adrian Webster, Arin Alldridge, Patrick O'Connor, Rita Ramnani

2. Born of Hope (2009)

Set close to the furthest limit of the Third Age of Middle-earth. Arathorn takes exiles to Taurdal, the town of his dad, Arador. Then, at that point, as Arador starts his mission against the get-together orc groups ... See full synopsis »

Chief: Kate Madison | Stars: Christopher Dane, Beth Aynsley, Kate Madison, Danny George

3. Portal (2015)

A definitive legitimate high 'Gateway' part drug, part interpersonal organization, just got prohibited - what happens when the 'lost age' loses its means to get away.

Chief: Mark Ashmore | Stars: Clay Whitter, Vicky Connett, Chelsea Edge, Danny Ryder

4. Mad Black Men (2014)

A parody roused by Mad Men, checking out the 1960s promoting industry from the eyes of three dark publicizing laborers as they weave their direction through a racially heartless 1960s world ... See full rundown »

Chief: Xavier Ruffin | Stars: Pierre Edwards, Ray L. Bread cook Jr., Ariane Davis, John Glowacki

5. Ari (2012)

David, a youthful and aggressive broker, sees his life flipped around when he moves into a super advanced auto directed loft constrained by a man-made brainpower named ARI. At first ... See full outline »

Chief: Arthur Choupin | Stars: Frédéric Jeannot, Ivan Le Goff, Laurent Blanpain, Valérie Gounod

6. The Cabonauts (2009)

A science fiction, melodic parody set in a space taxi. Every episode highlights famous science fiction entertainers and entertainers taking a ride to a planet of their decision - and afterward breaking into a unique routine.

Stars: Nichelle Nichols, Hayden Black, Norm Thoeming, Monica Young

7. Zeropolis (2012)

Chief: Quarxx | Stars: Benjamin Blanchy, Ornella Boulé, Delphine Clairet, Loïc

8. Love What You Do (2016-)

Love What You Do is an advanced series including Canadians from varying backgrounds, zeroing in on what how we do affects our singular feeling of satisfaction, and how our 'interests' fuel our crave the everyday routine we've for a long time needed to experience.

Stars: Kylik Kisoun Taylor, PJ Marcellino

9. Echec et mate (2013 Video)

In 2031, Khoa Fez tells to his youngsters the account of how he met his significant other and how he lost his virginity. The story begins in the year 2006, Khoa return to meet his companions in PAris later ... See full outline »

Chief: Filip Wong | Stars: David Demianoff, Isabelle Miou, Zak Peang, Karen Vuagnard

10. Sublime désillusion (2014)

Franc lives lighthearted between fun times with his companions ... what's more Laura... whose affection overpowers. Confronted with the responsibility she expects of him, he supports ... Furthermore without understanding, settles on his decision.

Chief: Sylvain Robineau | Stars: Franc Bruneau, Laura Chetrit, Sourya Panday, Nasser Kateb

11. D.N.E.: Do Not Erase (2012)

Whenever Brian's alumni proposition on Time Travel costs him his first love, he constrains himself to pick the most ideal way to experience the remainder of his life.

Chief: Matthew Campagna | Stars: Richard Hatch, Michele Boyd, Brian F. Otting

12. The Nightmare (II) (2012)

Tim Tinky is a young man captivated by Tim Burton's works, which will pull him away in the most terrible bad dreams, in organization with a faltering skeleton.

Chief: Alexis Coppee | Star: Alexis Coppee


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