Epix is one of the many channels running great movies and shows. It is the MGM-owned premium channel that you can use through digital platforms. It has got a vast library of films and here are a few that you can watch if you know what Epix has to offer.

You’re Next
Well, you must have seen similar movies before, the ones with home invasion and horrifying but before you start to judge it let me tell you that it is more of a pure slasher. The movie has excellent action scenes that are short and impactful that making the movie quite interesting. It runs around Aubrey and Paul who invite their family to their estate to celebrate their anniversary but soon the event turns into a nightmare when they are attacked by masked assassins. Try not to watch it with kids, it might get scary for them.

Little miss sunshine
This is a rare and adorable comedy that will bring tears and a smile to your face while you watch it. It is about the youngest member of a dysfunctional family who is chosen to be in the pageant in California. The family decides to support her and as they take the journey they learn to cope with each other and find love for each other. It is a heartwarming movie with great acting. You will love this emotional movie for sure.

The Virgin Suicides
This is again based on a novel and is turned into a full feature movie that you will enjoy. The movie is a bit slow but turns out to be a good one when you get to know the characters and their lives. It is about a group of male friends who become obsessed with a group of mysterious sisters who are sheltered by their religious parents and one of them commits suicide. Yes, the movie is on a dark subject but it is quite enjoyable.

Ghost World
This one is based on the comic book by Daniel Clowes. It is a dark comedy that runs around the exploits of teenage outcasts Enid and Rebecca played by Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson. Enid finds a friend in a lonely older man (Steve Buscemi) and you will witness a different relationship going through humorous and melancholy situations. You can watch this movie when you are in the mood for something different.

Hello, My Name is Doris
This is a story about Doris Miller who is almost sixty years old and works in an office. Her life changes when her mother passes away. She has spent her life taking care of her mother due to which she had given up all her dreams and ambitions but later she falls in love with John who is much younger than her. She gets introduced to the world of social media and changes. The movie is adorable and the chemistry between Doris and John is palpable. You will find yourself rooting for Doris as she embraces her new life.

What to watch on Epix