What to watch on Hulu movies

Looking to watch something on Hulu, this article might help you find what you like. Hulu has been expanding and updating its movie catalog and is now known for its variety of TV. Here are some good ones you can watch and kill time.

The movie Parasite was the talk of the town during the lockdown. People heard about it and waited for it to be released on different platforms. This is a must-watch movie that won four Oscars in 2020 for Best Picture, Best Director, Best original screenplay, and Best International feature film. It is directed by Bong Joon who very wisely shows class discrimination through this dark comedy. It is about a family man, Kim who struggles to provide for their family until his son Ki-woo finds an unexpected opportunity. He takes up a job as an English tutor to teach Da-hye, the daughter of a wealthy Park family. Soon the whole family joins as helpers to the Park family but has a parasite that threatens to give them away. It is an artistic film that has an excellent storyline with great cinematography. It will keep you engaged and will help you relate to the message of class segregation in society.

Let the Right One In
This is a story of a 12-year-old Oskar and his friend Eli. Eli is an old vampire trapped in the body of a female. Oskar is drawn to her and both of them create a bond. The movie shows how the relationship between a human and vampire flourishes. It is an effective horror movie that received an American remake in2010, Let me In but the original is far better. This chilling movie is can be a good watch on Hulu.

Shrek may seem ugly the first time you see him but trust me he is adorable. Movie Shrek is the winner of the first-ever Best Animated Feature Oscar. The movie is fun to watch and has four movies that will keep you hooked on the story. The movie shows a bond between people and nature and how one should not judge anyone just by their looks. Sherk is surly, dangerous, cynical, and cranky but he loves people and does not want to hurt anyone. He wants to live in his own world and when he falls in love with Princess Fiona things change a bit for him. He is accompanied by a talking Donkey who will make you laugh each time he opens his mouth.

This is a wonderful movie about Nora (Daisy Edgar-Jones) who struggles with online dating and meets handsome Steve (Sebastian Stan). The movie is a rom-com but takes a turn when Steve starts to show his true color, he turns out to be a procurer of human meat. He seems fun and all but he likes to kidnap women and eat them. Well, you’ve got to watch it to know what happens next in this weird love story, but do skip your meal after you watch it.